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I found past due cheese on September 9th 2018. The cheese due date was August 13th 2018.

When I informed Costco employees, I was told it was not the due date but the manufacturing date. So I did show them that was not true by comparing 2 packages of the same cheese with one having the date of October 8th 2018.

How this could be made in October when we are in September?

They said they were misinformed.... and apparently went to remove them.

I took the time to take picture of the 2 for proof and checked out with the non past due.

Apparently they did not think about their "short" reply or just tried to scam us

Product or Service Mentioned: Cheeses.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: stop taking customers for stupid and non-educated people.

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You are foolish and stupid though. First off, its *** cheese.

Literally fermented and curdled milk exposed to bacteria. Second of all the two cheeses are not the same, and they’re not expired! Those ARE manufacturing dates!

Look at the lot batch code right below the date-they’re made from two different batches! Even if it was expired, that cheese is sealed airtight, and wouldn’t start to go bad until air touched it.


Do you spend your time looking for past due foodstuff just like I spend time on this website looking for foolish posts?