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I am a vegan, so when I asked for a pizza at Costco, I asked for no cheese. The person taking my order told me she couldn't do that if I didn't get a manager to okay it.

Note that I had to find a manager, she couldn't call one over. So I dutifully went to where the manager was standing by the computer and asked if I could order pizza without cheese. He laughed at me (and I mean an actual, sneering, rude kind of laugh) asked what kind of pizza doesn't have cheese, and said that no, they could not make a pizza without cheese. Then he walked away, shaking his head.

Another problem I am facing is trying to find vegan food at Costco. They had Boca crumbles and Boca burgers, then got rid of the crumbles to bring in Morning Star (which is not vegan). Then they stopped carrying Boca burgers when it wasn't "grilling" season. I live in Tucson.

Every month is grilling season except maybe monsoon season if there is a lot of rain. In other words, right in the middle of what some fool living in another climate deems to be "grilling season". This year, they don't even have any Boca burgers, and don't have them on the shipment orders. This is a problem that I am always facing at Costco.

They had a nice hummus, but replaced it with hummus with egg whites and another brand with milk. Hummus does not take egg whites or milk in any recipe that I have ever seen. I talked to the man selling pitas and hummus at the special events, and he was outraged. He said that hummus should never have milk, because then it spoils too quickly.

I know a lot of vegans, but none shop at Costco. I wonder why.

I wouldn't if it wasn't for the carnivores in the house. We rescue cats, and both the cats and dogs do better on Kirkland food than any other in twice the price range.

Product or Service Mentioned: Costco Manager.

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Those pizzas are in essence premade and you can't take the cheese of them.


Costco is for people who buy stuff in large quantiies like soda, beer and chips. I am a Vegan and Costco would be the last place to get pizza, cheese or no cheese.

Get the Garden Veggie from Pappa Johns order from the web site and select NO Cheese you dont need a manager's approval.

What an *** probably ex Wal Mart employee.


I would have laughed at you too trying to order a pizza with no cheese at Costco. Wtf!


Hey, vegans, did you know that if you don't milk a dairy cow, not only will it die, but it will die a show, excruciatingly painful death as it's milk sack explodes? So.....milk and cheese and the like are actually helping the animal. Surprise!


Hey ***, dairy cows only produce milk when they are kept pregnant by means of artificial insemination. Just like all mammals they only produce milk for their babies when pregnant and after.

Cows would prefer to frolic and play in a field.

When they are hooked up to these machines stealing their milk it is painful. So, no eating dairy is not good for you or the cows.


I simply cannot believe that a manager at a place like Costco would treat a customer this way. And why, if someone wants a pizza without cheese, this wish could not be accommodated.

As for the ingredients, I am sure that they would be able to give you a printed list of ingredients and calories and what not.

I hope you became a vegan with your eyes open and fully aware of what it would mean. Stop whining, live with your choices, and work around them in case the rest of the world doesn't see it your way.


This is why people do not like vegans. If you want to eat out and places will not accomodate you, you get upset.

You're on a specific diet, and if places foods aren't vegan, don't eat there. Leave the cheese and yummy stuff to people who like food.


Just ordered vegan pizza at Costco. Simple ask for veggie pizza without cheese, double check with the cashier that he/she understands that you don't want cheese or any meat--no problems at all--you can also order half vegan and half regular, again NO PROBLEMS at all and there is no eggs in Costco dough--LOL at whoever made up that BS (if don't believe me...

ask them to show you the empty dough box, the ingredients are in bold FLOUR, WHEAT, OLIVE OIL, YEAST, WATER, AND SALT

Sick and tired of idiots like Cpt. Obvious making up stories without any evidence.


You can't eat the pizza anyways because the crust has eggs in it! BOOM.

@Cpt. Obvious

What is the source of this info? I have never heard about eggs in costco pizza...

First Born Triplet

They thought you were playing a joke on them and were laughing along, if you had explained you were a vegan and your eating habits then they would have probably made the pizza as you wanted.

@First Born Triplet

I'm vegan as well and a veggie pizza w/o cheese and a crust w/o egg ingredients would be great. Costco does sell frozen sauce only pizzas, but is lacking in taste.

I've been vegan over 25 years and am finding more vegan friendly products becoming available. Costco is special.


While I think that you have a right to have your cheeseless "pizza", wtf kind of pizza doesn't have cheese? Do you really have a right to call it a pizza without cheese on it?

Anyway, costco food court isn't a real pizza shop.

You get what they offer and can crank out or you don't get anything. I wish I could get pineapple on mine, but c'est la vie, still a good deal.


So sorry your hippy food doesn't sell well at costco, ever tried the green waste bin behind the flower shop?


I'm sorry that some people are ignorant of "choice of eating habits" as MattD78 calls it. Sometimes, Matt, it's not really a choice but rather a move to avoid by-pass surgery (for instance) .

I am vegan, however I don't "expect" Costco to carry food for me. I understand if the product doesn't move as expected (like Boca Burgers) then they should move onto something else; perhaps bacon wrapped oysters dipped in cheese in a deep fried batter.

Thanks for the tip on the change of ingredients for the hummus (one of my main staple foods for years).

I'll check it out.


Animals were created by God to be eaten. So we're their byproducts. Eat the cheese, it'll be good for you.


God isn't real.


If you're gonna be a picky eater you got no one to blame but yourself.




So you want them to make you a whole pizza with no cheese of which you will probably have one or two slices. What are they going to do with the rest of that cheese-less pizza that no one else wants? Sorry Costco wasn't willing to waste 3/4 of a pizza because of your choice of eating habits.