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I am a vegan, so when I asked for a pizza at Costco, I asked for no cheese. The person taking my order told me she couldn't do that if I didn't get a manager to okay it.

Note that I had to find a manager, she couldn't call one over. So I dutifully went to where the manager was standing by the computer and asked if I could order pizza without cheese. He laughed at me (and I mean an actual, sneering, rude kind of laugh) asked what kind of pizza doesn't have cheese, and said that no, they could not make a pizza without cheese. Then he walked away, shaking his head.

Another problem I am facing is trying to find vegan food at Costco. They had Boca crumbles and Boca burgers, then got rid of the crumbles to bring in Morning Star (which is not vegan). Then they stopped carrying Boca burgers when it wasn't "grilling" season. I live in Tucson.

Every month is grilling season except maybe monsoon season if there is a lot of rain. In other words, right in the middle of what some fool living in another climate deems to be "grilling season". This year, they don't even have any Boca burgers, and don't have them on the shipment orders. This is a problem that I am always facing at Costco.

They had a nice hummus, but replaced it with hummus with egg whites and another brand with milk. Hummus does not take egg whites or milk in any recipe that I have ever seen. I talked to the man selling pitas and hummus at the special events, and he was outraged. He said that hummus should never have milk, because then it spoils too quickly.

I know a lot of vegans, but none shop at Costco. I wonder why.

I wouldn't if it wasn't for the carnivores in the house. We rescue cats, and both the cats and dogs do better on Kirkland food than any other in twice the price range.

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This manager was plain ignorant. Now a days there are so many people who are allergic to cheese or choose not eat cheese that huge food companies are investing in dairy free/vegan options.

I travel for a living and being vegan is now mainstream. You can go anywhere and get vegan options. They even have restuarants a that focus on vegan pizzas and they are selling like crazy. Veganism is the way of the future.

Mark my words... Costco will catch up. For those who say what's a pizza without cheese... Maybe you should try one.

There are a million of options... Veggies, vegan pesto, vegan meats and yes vegan cheese if you must.

I would have made a big stink about him laughing and degrading me. No one likes to be discriminated against.

I would also have filed a report with Costco and Peta. This is the land of the free right? So we all a right to eat what we want.


I've had the pizza at Costco without cheese. This was before they had eggs in their crust.

Oh and for the person who said... "You expect Costco to make a whole pizza without cheese and waste the slices you don't buy" You actually can but whole pizzas at Costco.

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