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I'd been looking at computers for a couple of weeks and run across the

HP p7 Quad Desktop Intel Core i5-2400 3.1Ghz computer on sale thru Jan. 14th 2012. So I ordered it and used my debit card which the account had plenty of money to cover the charge. I kept watching for it to be delivered, after the 1st week I called and the automated system said that the order had been processed. I thought everything was fine. Another wk goes by & I don't have a computer, so I called on 01/25/12 and the order had been cancelled. I contacted Costco online, they said they tried to run the card # several times and it wouldn't go thru. Wouldn't you think I'd get a phone call or email telling me about the issue? NO!! the order was cancelled and they wouldn't reinstate it. I had a spending limit set on my bank acct. for $700 years ago & forgot about it. The price was $773.74. Granted my bank shouldv'e contact me also but NO ONE did. Now that it's been fixed they tell me that they can't reistate the order so I've lost out on the sale price & can't even buy that computer from Costco any longer! SOMEONE SHOULD HAVE CONTACTED ME ABOUT THE PROBLEM. EVEN AN EMAIL!! I was checking my emails daily. I'd like to purchase this computer at their sale price and shouldn't be penalized….it's not been that long since the order was cancelled that it couldn't be corrected!! I am extremely dissapointed with Costco and won't be shopping their any longer! I also have a Sam's card and thats where I'll be going from now on.

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Average Joe101

Hey, Had a similiar problem at big name upscale national chain. I'm sure if I keep ordering online at Costco the same will eventually happen to me.

This is the price we pay for being cautious and limiting the spending on our cards.

Would be nice to get the same price but you can't expect a store to keep sales prices forever. Are you going to pay them for their wasted time and energy because of your mistake?


You belong shopping at Sams club, why I don't


Good, now you're Sam's problem!


As the card holder, it is YOUR responsibility to know what your spending limit is and how close you are to that limit. You want to blame Costco because they won't be your personal budget assistant? Seriously?


Its YOUR own fault first for using a debit card for the purchase and second for overspending.


I have not heard of banks contacting overspenders, just cases of fraud. Likewise, I doubt online merchants have staff to call or email regarding problems.

This is YOUR fault. I have ordered several times from without a problem.