Columbus, Ohio
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I have purchased many items from Costco but this item tasted just horrible and I wanted to bring it to your attention.

Frankly Fresh All Natural & Vegetarian Handmade Zucchini Cakes. 16 Count

I tried it, my friend tried it and her husband wouldn't attempt it. Please have someone try it. I would like to know if Costco kitchen testers try the product before it is sold. I appreciate your immediate attention in this matter. It almost tasted like falafel. I have nothing against the store, just the product. Please investigate as soon as possible.

Thank you!

Gail Ehrlich 630-220-4815

Monetary Loss: $9.

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Love these! Baked until crispy and a little salt, they are delicious.

It's a matter of taste, I guess. I am disappointed Costco will no longer carry them.


Really, really, really bad product. Sorry would rather eat falafel any day over these oily tasteless cakes if you can call mush cakes.


Costco kitchen testers. That is hilarious.

The brand on that item is Frankly Fresh.

They are sold in a ton of different stores.

It's not a Costco made item.

Take it back to Costco, say I don't like them and get a refund.


OMG!! Where else can I buy them!!!

I LOVE THEM, but have only been able to get them at Costco and they STOPPED carrying them!

You would be my new BFF, if you can help me find them! I live in Riverside,Ca


I LOVE THOSE cakes and cannot find them anywhere.

I would love to know where can I get them.

They just need to be prepare right


I LOVE them TOO and have been back to Costco numerous times over the past 6 months looking for the product. Today, I asked at the customer service counter, and to my DISGUST, I was told that they will no longer sell it and I will NOT renew my membership there.



You are severely unstable.


This is a REALLY great product, it may depend on how you make it. I put it in a casserole dish...

add spicy Arrabbiata sauce and add Italian cheese on top.

Cook it for about 30 minutes at 350 degrees and it a GREAT Easy to make dish for the week, also low in fat. I'm hoping they bring this product back!!


We like them and buy them every week.


Bought this weekend as the picture on the packaging looked good, but have to say it was awful; mush and grease with a far from pleasant taste. My husband and kids did not like it either. Perhaps we got a bad batch as other posts have suggested, but I will not be buying these again.


I don't like veggie burgers but I don't complain online and expect a company to taste test something I personally think is nasty. Hosts of people think these things ares great.

You don't like it. Move on.


This person must just personally not like this product, I have bought this product repeatedly and it is fantastic! Please do not base this on what the person above says.



I even called Frankly Fresh and they will not sell to public.

I asked them, why they make a product that no one can buy!

They had no answer. I could drive there and buy a case, but nope, won't do it.


Purchased tonight for dinner bc they reminded me of Costco's Veggie Patch Mediterraneam Spinach and Chickpea Patties (yum!), but more healthy Label picture and actual product are totally different. Used microwave.

My picky teen said she "could eat it, I guess", after trying a speck (and she finished it). I had a harder time but finished it too. Was going to take back for full refund but decided to search online. I think I'll give a couple more patties another try but I won't bake them.

Instead I'll "fry" them for the crispy crust I'm looking for. I dont anticipate using any oil even after blotting the cake.

We'll see. Thanks to all for their postings.


Beyond disgusting. They were so bad that a tiny bit in my mouth had me spitting into the sink three times.

But my husband said they were fine. I thought they tasted like a chemical spill over a tar pit.


I thought they were disgusting and surprised Costco would stock such a distasteful food.


I baked them as directed, they didn't crisp up at all, they were very MUSHY. We didn't like them at all.


Cook in pan is the best way! Helps consistency and taste great!


I find the zucchini cakes taste to be acceptable but they caused me and my wife a severe case of food poisoning. It may be a problem with the batch that I bout from Costco in Hazlet, New Jersey about a week ago. Did anyone else have this problem?


I absolutely LOVE these zucchini cakes! I've tried several packages of them and have always enjoyed the taste, as have all the people I have served them to.

I haven't seen them in my local store recently (Carlsbad, CA) and I'm not sure why. The next time I do see them I will be buying several packages.