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Most of the time I purchased the whole 40 lbs case at Burnsville and Eden Pairie, MN branches. The last purchased was at Eden Pairie, MN about two months ago.

I must always call to confirm if it is available before I go there.

Every time I called, It was out of stock. I was always been fooled "YES! WE HAVE THE ITME YOU ARE LOOKING FOR, PLEASE COME TO GET IT", wasting my time driving to over there 45 minutes repeatedly.

I have spoken with meat department managers and been told that the frozen lobster tail size 14 oz had never been sold there which really puzzled me.

I have tried to reach store manager, left my information at Burnsville branch, but I've never gotten a return call. And here was why.

The last attempt was on Oct 2nd, 2013 @ 1:53 pm, I spoke and left my message and information with someone that answered the phone named "Sara". She told she would give it to the store manager John Christenson.

Then, I asked her to read back my phone number I had given her a few second earlier, she was unable to because she has never had it written down at all.

I further asked for her last name, she answered "Peterson".

I still did not receive a return call from Burnsville store manager since then.

I further tried to sent an email, but Costco.com e-mail has never been functioning.

I sent a letter to the head quarter but not reply since then.

Product or Service Mentioned: Costco Manager.

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