District Heights, Maryland
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I am in the Upper Marlboro, Md, went to you store location in lanham. This is the second time I have been treated in a rude minor by one of your managers. Her name is Amanda. During the holiday season came to buy a xmas tree. I was told if I wanted to see the tree I had to seek the approval of the manager. She treated me in a very rude minor. The guy pulling the trees gave much better customer service than she. When I asked if I could see the tree, she kept telling I could see four or five. I told I only wanted to see the one I paid. At that point I was upset. I took the and left. I had a Sam card and never had this kind of treatment

Today I today I came to purchase the 158 count All detergent you have on sale for $11.89. In addition I purchase gas before coming into the store. I purchased $37.89 in total. When I checked my bill notice the I had been over charged. I went to rack took a picture and made Amanda aware I had been overcharged. Left she was gone for a while. I went to check on why it was taking so long. She coming to the toward the checkout and and acted as if I changed the prices. She was very rude and I made her aware I did not like her tone. She said you are my personal space. I you hide people like to run your business you stock will continue to drop. She came to me with a totally different item and said this is what you purchased. Like I am asking for a handout. I to go back to get there price difference. I guess it is okay to just make up the prices as you. Mbr# is 111785855886. I think you have a problem with customer service not external but internal, a house divvied will soon fall. While waiting another of you managers told a customer you will just have to wait! I like you products but think you may need to clean house in your Woodmore location, people in tires were rude to me in the same store. It will not take much for me to stop doing business with your company. Why should the Customer have to be treated rude when they you aware of an issue.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Costco Cons: Treatment of employees, Horrible customer service, Many of people are rude.

  • Rude Management
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It is hard to believe you when you can't even write a grammatically correct sentence. You should incredibly uneducated.


Huh? Both comments make no sense..pot calling the kettle..just saying ..