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I am a big Costco fan, had an eye exam and purchased 2 sets of glasses over a year ago. The problem is you cannot purchase lenses or new glasses past the year exam without having a new exam.

The coating is wearing off, no problems with eyesight and they won't replace the lenses at my expense. Other optical places will gladly make glasses for you but Costco wants to get the cost of the exam too. I'm going elsewhere for glasses!

Why do I need to get an exam just for new lenses or eyeglasses? Target was willing to do it for me.

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I ran into this problem at Walmart and Eyemart. My Rx was just a little over a year old and they would not sell me glasses either. I wonder if this is some new legal matter.


Yep, it is a law everywhere.

And the fact that they refused to make glasses for you using EXPIRED prescription is a proof, that your health is more important that your money.

And the prices ,like for like, way better than anywhere else!


When I used to wear prescription glasses I purchased them at Costco with the prescription from my eye doctor. In California it is the law that such a prescription must not be over 12 months old from date of issue. It is probably a law where you live too.


That is policy any where. Also I believe it's a law....


I had a terrific experience at Costco's optical department. The service was fantastic and they saved me over $200 as compared to LensCrafters. I highly recommend Costco for many goods and services.