Royal Palm Beach, Florida

We were told by a Costco sales person that they had a service that would deliver, mount to an existing wall mount and connect our TV with no problem. Misleading, at best.

Installers, as nice as they were, had little experience with a wall mount and the TV required four new cables -- we had to run around and purchase for an additional $120 -- to get things connected after installers had left. $189 spent for Costco service that was definitely not worth it. ... As was Costco's sales pitch on how seamless the install would be.

Afterward, Costco would not take responsibility and referred us to their installer.

Disappointing to say the least!!! If we had known this, we would have purchased at Best Buy.

Monetary Loss: $100.

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We bought 2 large tv's at Costco & scheduled installation and pre paid for it.

Day of scheduled appointment-No Show, No Call. We called Costco & after waiting almost FIVE hours (scheduled 8-12,), called and at 12:40 were informed that the installer had booked the appointment, "he just couldn't do it". INFURIATING, UNPROFESSIONAL!

The costco woman was nice, but I took off work to wait for almost 5 hours, and then to hear, "sorry, he's not coming, and he booked it, but didn't come anyway".

First experience with Costco installation--BAD BAD BAD


I absolutely agree it you! I got the premium installation.

I figured I would be getting a complete install. However, it is not complete t all. I have two holes in my wall, but was informed that they were unable to run my power cord through the wall. I had to set up my own speakers, and the soundbar mounting is not included.

Half-asset job, at best.

Not worth $200! Now, I understand I I'll need to purchase a power bridge for each the tv and the soundbar, and have that installed by someone to complete the job.


Uhm, Costco does not have their own installation service, which is why they referred you to someone else for your complaint. They use an outside service, instead of their own employees.

They do not own or fund it.

They aren't responsible for the installation idiocy; the company that installed the TV is responsible for it.

Get a hold of the company that actually messed up and file a complaint with their owner.


What kind of cables did you need that cost $120 for only four of them? Did you accidentally type an extra digit in the amount or did someone *** you into paying $120 for $20 worth of cables?