Sitting in the food court trying to enjoy our hot dogs there was a puppy sitting in a grocery cart? Where we are eating!!!.

I asked an associate where i could file a compliant about dogs being aloud in the store to begin with but worst of all where we are eating. She went over and told them they had to take the dog out side. Not following up and walking them out of the store herself she walked away and the juveniles put the puppy on one of their laps and sat laughing about the incident. I threw my food away and left.

Besides that the next person unknowingly takes that basket and puts food in it or their child. That puppy my not have had its shots ,could have been sick, could have peeded in the basket? That is nasty.

If i had not had to be somewhere in an hour i would have followed through with my complaint right there. You have security cameras everywhere and no one could spot a dog in a grocery basket in the food area or seen those juveniles with that dog in a food warehouse?

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Saratoga, California, United States #1346892

Dog diseases are not transmitted to humans. You should really be afraid of the human babies in shopping carts.

Seriously. Google pinkeye, head lice, norovirus, influenza.

to Anonymous #1350887


to Anonymous #1381721

Same problem in Santa Clarita CA dog don't belong on the tables,carts,store or in any food area !

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