Stone Mountain, Georgia

I was shopping in Costco warehouse at Jordon Court, Alpharetta, GA on a Saturday afternoon. Have been a Costco Executive member for few years now and always enjoy sampling some nice hot new appetizers they have in various aisles.

Today unfortunately I had a very bad experience. One of the associates was baking some chicken spring rolls. His name was Ed. As I was about to pick up a small sample on his tray, he told me its too hot and I should try the other one and when I did, he started speaking rudely to me by saying if you have touched one plastic cup then you need to eat it as this is how it is done in America. He was extremely rude to me and kept on blabbering other stuff while I left from there not wanting to create a scene.

I reported it to the Store Manager (Walter) also in written.

Costco should ensure that each store associate is trained to be polite to consumers and especially not pass racist remarks based on country of origin!

Product or Service Mentioned: Costco Manager.

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It is a health code violation to allow the public to put their germ-infested paws on food that other people will eat. It doesn't matter if you think your hands are clean, because unless you just washed them with warm water and scrubbed with antibacterial soap for at least 20 seconds and didn't touch anything, THEY AREN'T CLEAN.

The race card is pure ***. There are national standards for food preparation and hygiene, so it is accurate to say it's how things are done in America. It's not racist to cite a FEDERAL LAW.

That employee was protecting the health of the public, and he should be commended for DOING HIS JOB. Good work, Ed!


It is only good manners to not touch several cups before selecting the one you want to eat. I do not want your germs on my free sample.

BTW, stop playing the race card. It is getting old.


Gross. Who wants to eat a sample after you have put your hand all over it. I do not think I will be trying any sample in Costco.


I am not sure if you know this but the people that are giving out the samples are not Costco employees. They are CDS people and work for a different company.


I had the exact same experience yesterday!!! I came on to this forum to write about it.

The woman who was giving out appetizers almost slapped me on my hand in a school teacherish manner saying 'eef you touch a cup yoo must take it. whaay aar yoo touching anothar woon?' when I tried to take a different cup than the one I had touched on the base. WTF? It's not like we are dipping our super dirty, waste water dripping hands into their precious samples.

I should have thrown the sample on her face and asked her to eat it herself. I have decided the next time something like this happens, I am going to stir samples in all cups and then leave the place without taking any of them lol


Ha ha ha ha I can see his face now as you lay your flat and touch every cup. Just goes to show People Know Who to talk *** too! Ahhhhhh ha ha ha ha I would have fallen out in laughter!!


Why would you touch a sample and not take it? Someone else is going to eat that.

They are trying to follow a hygiene policy, probably as instructed by their employer (who is not Costco FYI) to ensure that every little kid with buggars on their fingers doesn't touch the sample that YOU are possibly going to be eating. Or the mom who just changed her kids diapers in the parking lot. Or the old dude who picks his ear wax with his fingers. Or the old lady who keeps a used kleenex in her shirt sleeve.

Or the everyday person who has just touched a shopping cart that has been used by 50 other people that day. People are gross. Your hands are full of germs. You're probably the type of person who uses their hands at a buffet or a social event instead of using the tongs provided.

Actually you probably don't get invited to those types of social events. If you did you would know common sense etiquette.


You are a *** and should be labotomized, :p