Yonkers, New York
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Me and my wife have noticed and recorded what seems to be a racist behavior by one of the persons who works at the entrance door. There is dark skin gentleman who is a sweetheart, but there is a guy with white beard and mustache who randomly stops hispanic and black people to ask for Costco membership.

If that pattern continues, i am going to contact national tv to have someone report on that.

It is not fear that the stop people at the door just because they look from a race that they don't like. I don't want to think that that is a Costco policy, because they have very nice people inside.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: change racist behavior.

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White beard and mustache ?

Maybe wearing a white suit as well ?

Well that could only be Colonel Sanders and he was handing out KFC coupons.




I am sure they stop white people as well, but you are too busy trying to see a pattern to see this.


Maybe they see regulars often and know them and some they dont? I don't see how this is racist one bit.

They are DOING THEIR JOB. If they were saying negative remarks that is one thing, but asking to make sure they have a membership?

Come on man. If it does not effect you in the way you shop, why care?