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One of the customer service reps inside costco in Denver, CO was exceptionally racist and dismissive toward us. Her name is Barbara.

She made obscene gestures and talked condescendingly to me and my aunt. I tried to help her because she almost knocked her display over. I actually held it and kept it from falling. But she told me to "not touch her stuff".

And then when I asked to try the food item, she said that this is made in USA and nowhere else and frowned at me and my aunt, all the while talking in a very disrespectful way. I will be filing a complaint at Costco as well.

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They are Racist. They just want us to spend money, and care less about us as a human. Hate is taught, I just hope people have learned more than hate b/c that takes away from so many other positive things.


They will not do anything, trust me. Costco is a white owned company *** most of the companies are, however they will not do anything to Barbara simply because they take care of their own.

Have you ever tried calling Costco and ask if they are hiring? the reply is rapid and followed by a solid NO!!!!

I hate that people patronize ignorance or ignorant people. Without us patronizing them their is no them, stop spending their, trust they will feel the impact...


The people who serve food are not customer service reps or Costco employees.

They are vendors who work for a company called CDS.

Costco does not employ or hire them.

File your complaint with CDS, since it does not concern Costco. It's not their company.


The real racism is see here is comin from the vast majority of the people making comments. You ought to be ashamed of yourselves. Not mature.

I have shopped at Costco for years. But if it were t for the fact that my husband eats like a T-Rex I wouldn't. As a bw almost every time I go to check out with another bw clerk all of a sudden here comes a manager to "help" and they are none too pleasant about it. They act more like they are intercepting a crime in progress. And the look on the face of the clerk is painful to watch. Rejection and betrayal of the trust I'm sure they thought they had from that manager. Sad. And YES racist! Not to mention when I'm walking around hey are always look in my cart to see what's in there for some reason. And then there's the dreaded check at the door. One time as a test I got in line behind a bunch of whites who happen to have a similar volume of food and like I thought, my cart was reviewed at least 5-7 seconds longer than everyone else's.

the other thing that is always startling is the sour puss on the faces of white clerks (male or female) when my husband and I check out. He is white.

My impression of white Costco employees is that they are poorly educated, uncultured rednecks that wouldn't have anything to live for if it weren't for that *** job at Costco that affords them a modicum of power and boy do they enjoy that!

Stop doubting it. Black people and other "minorities" would not waste their time accusing you of something unless they really "felt" the bigotry coming from someone. And believe me when you reach adulthood as a brown person you generate a deep well of experience recognizing racism when you see it.


Sorry to hear that. You should note however that this person may have been very rude but probably does not represent Costco as a whole and a complaint should be logged to them directly and their supervisor so nobody is ever treated this way ever again.


As an employee of Costco that interacts with the general public all day long I can attest to the fact that people in play the race card way too much. I am white and I have been called a racist by every race I've encountered at my job.

There are too many times to mention but my favorite was the white guy that accused me of discriminating against him because of his race (I still haven't figured that one out). Then there was an Af/Am lady that said I singled her out because she was black (her words) because I had the audacity to point out that she wrote the wrong date on her check. Then there was the latino guy that wanted to report me because I asked to see his membership card. He asked me, "Why didn't you ask those 2 white guys for THEIR card?" I said, "Because they showed it to me without my having to ask for it" This made him mad and he yelled, "I want your full name to report you!" When I gave it to him he stalked off discontented because my first name is a common latina name and my last name is Spanish since my husband is from Central America.

Two Asian ladies came through my line with a card that didn't belong to either of them. I told them I would ring their purchases for them this time but the next time they would have to have their own card. When I finished the transaction they both started hollering at me (in their language). I'm not sure what they said but I know it wasn't nice since they were sneering at me and obviously mad but I'll bet it included a racist rant.

The same thing happened with an Indian couple that I was nice enough ring up although they were using someone elses card but they wanted to use coupons too. I told them I was sorry but the coupon states that only members can use the coupons and although I wasn't going to make a big deal of letting them use another members card (my store is somewhat lenient about that) I couldn't let them use the coupons (my store is not lenient about that), it's not fair to the people who actually paid for their membership. They reported me as a racist to management. The worst part was that there was another Indian couple behind them.

They had many items of clothing they didn't want to put on the belt so as to not get them dirty. I totally understand this so as I rang each item I draped the items over my shoulders and over my other arm and there were so many Items I asked them to hold onto some of them for me then went and found a clean box for them to carry it all in. Although I couldn't have been more nice, helpful, and accomodating to them they reported me as being rude to them because of their race. Once on a busy day with long lines I was told to open another line.

I am required to pull the next person thats been waiting in line from the right. An Af/Am woman came around the corner and tried to run ahead of everybody. I told her I was sorry that I had to take people that were already in line and had been waiting. She caused a scene and told my manager that I only took the other people because they were white.

Another time my line was closed with the "CLOSED" sign in full veiw but that didn't stop a white couple from coming over and start to load the belt with their items. I apologized to them and pointed out the sign and the husband slapped his forehead, muttered to himself that him and his wife were blind, smiled at me and apologized for not seeing the sign and was just so darn nice about it that I said, "What the heck, I'll take you anyway". After I finished ringing them up the husband thanked me for my kindness and a few minutes later my supervisor came over and said the wife came to her to complain that I was rude to them and had only put up my sign when I saw them coming for my lane and I did this probably because they weren't dressed as nice as other people in the store.

The list goes on and on and sometimes I just want to SCREAM!


I hate when those black employees treat us whites like dirt


Why are people so quick to say something isnt racism? IT seems anytime a minority (especially a black person) has suspicion of racism people are quick to say "stop playing the race card" but what if it really WAS racially motivated? I find that alot of people really are still racist and this includes ALL races.

Secondly to the person that said you must black, how ignorant and ***. Look at what they wrote here: And then when I asked to try the food item, she said that this is made in USA and nowhere else and frowned at me and my aunt

That leads me to believe the customer is middle eastern, south asian, or latino (or anyone that looks foreign I suppose) and maybe the employee is one of those people that hates muslims or anyone that looks "illegal".


Are you kidding me? Does your Costco not hire any other races because that would be a real issue. The Costco near me is very diverse I think you're reaching with this complaint.


so what makes her a racist? If her name was Jatinder or Lin-Zhing would she still be a racist? Your letter lacks details to support such an extreme term.

@E Gilmer

Every time with black people if they don't get their way, or don't have the rules bent for them they are "racist" Kind of getting old playing the race card for every minor thing isn't it.


As a member of Costco I receive the Costco Catalogue. In volume 7 there are 91 white models and approximately 7 non-whites. And those that are non whites are degrading to the minority...(a boy with mustard dripping all over his shirt) What is that about?

This is 2011 let's get over this.


None of the people seen in the Costco Connection are paid models/actors. Everyone you see are employees or family of an employee.

Costco does NOT spend needless money on advertisements of any kind. Any time you here Costco mentioned in a commercial it is paid for solely by the vendor/manufacturer. Costco has only a 1% markup on food and can NOT pay the higher merchant credit card processing fees the NON-VISA cards want. Since the membership cost is the only profit made by Costco, that is why ONLY members can pay and why Costco is so strict about exactly whom it is trying to shop.

Some of Costco's top Corporate people are Black/Asian/French/Jewish, etc,,etc, so this racist blog here will only bolster the reverse racist views that was already fostered/adopted WAY,,, before they ever set foot in a Costco. Costco is one of the most well rounded and diverse companies in the World that lets the employees transfer to any Costco in the World of which they can speak the language fluently.