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Member # 111878078707 (since 1993). I admit I made a mistake to send my daughter to return an item ( TX ID 814600051389) the cashier was rude with her.

My daughter complained to the manager then the cashier apologized. The manager offered her to go & shop to replace what was returned. Then at check out Supervisor KIM rushed to the cashier while my daughter were standing in line and after she already paid, yelling and grabbed my membership card & said "she is not a member" and through the card on the counter. When I learned about this I took my daughter & drove to Costco (Store # 239) and confronter KIM with the manager's help.

She remained rude & obnoxious. At this moment I said I'm not talking about the polocy I'm talking about the way you talked to my daughter. NOW, I deeply believe that Supervisor KIM was a racist because my daughter is a Muslim and she wears a HIJAB. I'm not sure if Costco tolerates discrimination against customer based on race/religion/gender????

I'm demanding Costco to apologize on behalf of Supervisor KIM & in the future, when I visit that store I'll refuse her service. Medhat Motaweh 703 347-1731

Product or Service Mentioned: Costco Cashier.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Yes this post is complete fiction. No one is believing her. Sounds like she sniffing for a law suite.


I call BS on this post.


OP:I Seriously Doubt that Anyone from Costco Will call you.Costco Does Not read complaints about the company on this website.You Will Have to contact Costco instead.



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