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I have been a loyal customer to Costco in Wayne NJ for over 20+years with an executive membership.

I have spent between 50-75K at this store alone.

Sunday on December 23 2012 I stopped in to buy a few items about $150 worth of goods my card needed to be renewed and I only asked if they could wait till after the first of the year to make that payment as things were tight right now.

I black woman manager stated they could not do that. Yet when I was there a few months ago I heard them doing it for another customer. I have to wonder if I was black would she have let me go or are they just not in the christmas sprit.

I drove down to BJs in paramus and signed up for their card which they were happy to give me two cards for $40 and a 14 month membership. Say good bye to my business Costco.

Product or Service Mentioned: Costco Manager.

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In your post you said you went down to BJ Warehouse and got a membership. If you had the money to open a new membership why did you not pay the dues at Cosco? Also you keep saying you spend so much at Costco and you should be entitled to special treatment. If in fact you spend that kind of money does that make you better then people who do not spend this kind of money?

Just pay your membership fee like everybody else and do not take the attitude that you are special.

By the way your 75K will not keep Costco open without the other members who spend less.


YOU SIR OR MADAME NEED'S SERIOUS HELP.Their is no need to lie because you where asked to pay your bill at COSTCO first. People like yourself need's to shop elsewhere.What make's you feel like you can continue to shop at COSTCO and Pay your bill when you get ready.Some people are so ***.Because you are WHITE does not make you RIGHT.***.Get a life and Leave people along.WTF.It never fail's,When certain people cannot get their way,They alway's find away to cause problem's for other people.


What the previous two posters said is absolutely correct. Me and my husband don't spend nearly as much as you claim to at Costco yet we always manage to pay for our membership with the cash back we receive at the end of the year.

Also, assuming that you are not completely lying (which I am doubtful of) about the Costco staff allowing someone else to shop on an expired membership - perhaps the store got reprimanded for doing that which would explain why they couldn't allow it any longer. You sound like you have your childish head up your *** when you immediately jump to "oh they are being racist!!!!"


I've been @Costco for 11 years. In my first year there, Costco offered a "courtesy shop." It popped up and said that your card expired and they would give you one shop as a "courtesy" so you were prepared.

That ended around 2002 or 2003. Now, regardless of race, creed, clout, or how much you spend, when you pop up for renewal, you must renew. They don't just do for some and not for others. TMZ is right.

if you really spent THAT much money you would've received a maxed out rebate check of $750 around October if you expire in December. The purpose for them being mailed out 6-8 weeks prior to membership expiration is to inform you and to give you the rebate to pay for/put towards your renewal.


If you spent that much money at Costco AND have an executive membership, then you wouldn't have had to wait until after the new year to shop because you would have received the rebate check to renew your membership which, according to your own calculations, would have covered the renewal fee with plenty of cash left to finish your pre-Christmas shopping. I call total BS, and it's not even based on the fact that you're a racist SOB.


first off this happened at the Wayne NJ Costco> Im not sure my location is showing up in chesterfield MO

Again another person who reads but does not comprehend what was written.

Do you know how many companies would want a customer who spends like I have with costco.

2nd: They have done it in the past over and over again for me and others.

3rd: I stated I have to "WONDER " why based on all the facts.

4th I invite you to open up your minds before you post nonsense Yes people it still happens and reverse discrimmination is a big deal just like when the whites did it to the blacks. thou this is not my point in my post. YOU have both made it one.

5th: MY point is i was a valuable cusomter to costco In fact I would venture to say in the top 10% Now Im a valuable Cusomter to BJs in paramus.




I have to agree with sessa. It seems like whenever something doesn't go the way a customer wants it to , the race card gets brought up.

By the way, do you happen to think you are the only person in the world that doesn't look at the world through rose colored glasses.


two other points sweetie

I sure if the looked up my acct they would see what I have spent over the years with the company, I was a loyal customer for over 20 years.

and 2nd

its christmas for godsakes

Merry christmas to you


I see you read but you dont comprehend I have been a loyal cusomer Which would mean I have a card. It had expired.

yet I have always updated it late I guess you want to read into my post so you can comment with name calling.

and yes they have extended me that privilege in the pass and the last time i was there

the customer in front of us asked and was allowed to buy their stuff even thou the card like mine was expired. And yes i do pull out the race card because unlike you I see what is going on in this world.

The last manager was white and he let the customer through. I do not look at the world thur rose colored glass my dear.


Oh goody, another arrogant person who thinks the rules shouldn't apply to them. Your complaint is ridiculous, you have to have a current membership to shop at Costco!!

Not for a hot minute do I believe you heard them doing this for someone else.

Oh yes, and of course, bring race into it. That doesn't make you sound more ridiculous at all.