Las Vegas, Nevada
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We purchased a new HD TV at Costco recently with an offer from Direct TV to install service and get Costco Rebate cards. The representative at Costco was told we have a tile roof and we could take tiles off to make ascaent safer.

Our appointment was scheduled for today, Dec 31 between noon and 4 pm. The installer (1) showed up about 4 when it was almost dark, He told my husband that he could not go on a roof, and didn't even check to see where our tv is - on the second floor bedroom balcony. He stated that the dish would have to be on a wall.

We have an atrium that is surronded by 4 different height walls. He refused to even check that out, stating that there were too many trees. The trees are several hundred feet from the house and down a slope.

Granted, it was New Years Eve, late and raining, but this is still unacceptable.

We would not even be needing sattelite service, if it were not for the digital conversion. We even purchased digital converters which only pick up our local channel and a shopping channel. No one advised us that the converter range is less than 40 miles. Seattle stations are 90 miles away.

We can receive Canadian staions, but if Canada follows through with their plans to convert in 2010, we will have nothing but a DVD monitor. We had hoped to at least be able to see local news and weaather.

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I had a similar experience--now I am still fighting to get my rebates! What a nightmare!