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Talk about the wrong solution to a very small problem. Which pencil head at corporate championed the idea that Costco should remove all the trash cans from the gas station?

Mr. Jelinek, I expect better judgment from you. Not every idea is a good one.

There's never been any area to clean your windshield or check the air in your tires or get some air; you have to beg the surly dude in the tire center. Now, they won't even let you throw away the napkin that you used to protect yourself from the filthy germy gas handle and key pad.

Come on Costco, every gas station on the planet provides trash cans. You are supposed to be a MEMBERSHIP CLUB. You are supposed to give us the illusion of being special! This really sends us the message that we're truly, plainly, just revenue delivery systems for your corporate bottom line.

I'm not even going to get into how environmentally irresponsible this is.

Short sighted decision if ever there was one. Dumb, Dumb, Dumb.

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Well that is just ridiculous! Honestly, do they think the trash is just going to go away if there are no public trash cans?

Unintended consequences~ there will be trash on the streets instead!


Sorry Anonymous #1184015, but I believe you are a Costco station employee! Almost word for word what I have been told by station attendants at Costco.

And I don't believe anyone would actually FILL a trash can rendering it too full for anyone else to put their trash in. The trash issue is one of the costs of doing business and EVERY OTHER gas station provides trash cans. Just as women forced bathrooms to put a trash can by the door by dropping their paper towels in a heap after using them to open the door, perhaps Costco needs to be persuaded to bring the trash cans back.

I also suggest finding a manager and asking EVERY TIME you go to the gas station or store.


AGREE 100%! I want to clean out my car and throw away trash when I get gas and you have removed the cans! I am offended by this and feel that you are not serving your members.


It's a new California environmental law. By 2017 no gas station in California will have trash cans. Costco is just doing it early.


I've seen people fill an entire can with the *** from their car and leave it too full for anyone else. It's Costco, they don't care, somebody else should deal with it.

Ugh. However, with the EPA rules and the hazmat laws pertaining to big companies, they probably had to go through the trash every time they emptied it to get rid of hazardous waste, like the gas additive container.

That's not feasible a dozen times a day. If Costco members would read a sign and cooperate with a request not to throw away those items they could keep garbage cans, but you know people would still throw away stuff that would earn the company a fine and contaminate their regular refuse.


I am going to start leaving my trash on the ground at every Costco I go to as a form of protest. I will put it in a bag so it doesn't blow all over but maybe Costco will get a clue as to what a *** decision this was!


Trash cans are removed from Costco gas station in Clovis, CA. It is indeed a very bad decision.


I filled up this morning in Tustin, CA and the attendant was trying to get the driver to take away his container of gas additive. The driver said, "You don't have a trash can" and proceeded to get in his car and drive away, with the attendant still holding the container waiting for the driver to take it. Obviously the driver was a *** but Costco should come up with a better solution.


Trash cans were removed because of the new CA state laws on organic waste in trash cans. With costco being such a high waste producer they did that to better moniter their trash.


Trash cans are removed from Costco gas station in Poway, CA. It is indeed a very bad corporate decision. I hope they reconsider.


yep, all the Costco's in the SF Bay Area have also removed their trash cans. Im pissed, I used to clean out my vehicle while filling up. WTF Costco????


Not sure where you were but that is not standard. Garbage cans have not been removed from gas area