Fort Worth, Texas

How dare a commercial company bow to political pressure. You ARE NOT here to tell people what they can read.

The same freedom you have WE THE PEOPLE have. I boycott Costco and will encourage everyone to do the same! Sam 's Club will be my recommended place to shop. Did you not learn anything from Chick Fol A or Cracker Barrell?

Just as political pressure encourages you to remove literature they find threatening.

Monetary pressure when your sales drop will win in the long run! Put D'souza's book back on your shelves and never do this again or good luck with that!

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I am not a member of Costco

And after this disgraceful display of anti Americanism I certainly will never be one.I can only assume that Costco

Was created by intelligence,hardwork and the American work ethic.Costco

Should celebrate Dinoush D'souza's book not denigrate.

It.America has afforded Costco

The opportunity to become what it is today!Who ever is behind this blatantly biased Act of stupidity should be Ashamed of themselves!!!pne


It's called sales. Clinton's book sells 4x more in that store than the America book, including a day where it sold 1000 copies in just ONE store, giving them around a 12,000 dollar profit from a single store in a single day.

It has given them, total, over 100,000 dollars in profit.

On an average day with the America book in a single store, it sold a grand total of 50 dollars. In total, the America book has only given them 36,000 dollars NATIONALLY.

This means that Clinton's book has brought in 64 thousand dollars more profit and that is lower than the actual sales number.

This is called smart business.

Clinton's book has sold more copies than the America book by far, and has brought in actual profits.

And if it was political, explain why they would carry the movie?

They wouldn't. But they are.


I own a business and will not continue my company's membership with Costco. When the Company's CEO allow's his political views to blackball Dinesh D'Souza's book…. This company and others like them should not be supported by our hard earned money !


You own a business and you think it's okay to keep items that only sell 5 in a month per store?

Let me get this own a business and don't understand profit and loss?


Also, Costco has plans to carry the movie coming out based on that book.

Funny how that doesn't fit your little scandal, isn't it?


You probably force your employees to be on welfare and food stamps, just like Walmart.



Sam's Club uses slave and child labor in a whole bunch of countries that we are not supposed to support.

Great morals you have there.

A company making money saving choices is somehow worse than child labor.


You are going to ***.


No matter what the reason, no one should censor freedom of speech. Are other books that sell like America pulled out of the shelves?


Yes, they are.

They cost more to keep on the shelf than the author or Costco is making.

Cost ineffective.

5 books per store.

In a month.

As stated below.

It doesn't matter what viewpoint the book is about- it does not sell so it should not be in the store. Costco has cancelled some of it's own items before because of a failure to sell.

Take a business class before you declare it censorship. Why don't you just shop at an actual bookstore?


Ya, how about you start a business and only put items on the shelf that don't make money. See how far that gets you.


You are an ***.

Costco has nearly 500 stores nationwide.

In a month, that book only sold 3600 copies.


That puts it at about 5 books per store in a MONTH.

Why should a store have to hemorrhage money for a book?

5 copies.

In a month. It costs the store more than that to pay an employee for ONE day.


I have had several businesss and I can tell you Costco is losing "big time" from their decision to not carry the book. They make a great deal of money from their memberships and quess what?

Many and I mean many people have decided not to shop there and to not renew their memberships. Costco's founder is a large supporter of Obama.