Victoria, British Columbia

Hello Resolution SpecialistWow! So this is how you deal with escalated matters concerning consumer complaints????

I was told that I would at least get the courtesy of a phone call; instead, you emailed the wrong person dealing with this matter, which is an extraordinary display of incompetence. Talk about tragic customer service. You don't even have the integrity to attach your name as you pawn off this matter…cowardly to say the least. Your response is filled with irrelevant information, which my previous correspondence had already prefaced.

You clearly were unable to comprehend the issue at hand. Your response merely reiterated Costco policy which is not new to me. The following is for the record and likely outside the scope of your comprehension, said Resolution Specialist. The reason we purchased a hot tub from Costco and not a local retailer specializing in hot tubs was for the following reason only.

We have experienced a past Coscto policy that would include unparalleled customer service and backing of the products sold. This perception confirmed by other members I've spoken with is based on your past policy, issues concerning Lemons was satisfaction guaranteed, i.e. replacement and/or and unparalleled refund policy. Since you know nothing of the details of my situation as your response clearly states, please don't once again waste my time pointing out the matter of warranty, which we have already clarified for you.

It certainly is my fault for not being aware of your new corporate policy... a painful lesson contradictory to your now unfounded reputation for customer service and product responsibility. At this point my only recourse is to make sure that your members are educated to the new corporate policy and to dispel the myth that surrounds Costco. As a business owner in this community, even as a small fish in a big pond, I am able to wield a fair amount of influence, and through multiple sources, including social media such as Facebook, blogs, websites, and news letters, we will ensure to tell this story to help provide prospective to our clients and local constituents.

Please note that we will be terminating our membership. In addition, we have 11 other card-carrying family members who also will be terminating their Costco membership. It would have been in your best interest to have shown customer courtesy by properly investigating this matter. Your losses will far exceed the cost of dealing with matter professionally.

The financial impact my re-education program will have in the short-term to this company will be negligible. The long-term effect my proactive insight as to what Costco is really about most definably will be costly. As a Resolutions Specialist, these points are beyond your comprehension thus your station in this matter, Costco shareholders likely will think otherwise.

We are not interested in your uninformed, too late too little approach to this matter, we have already repaired the lemon your company is promoting (at our cost of course). Please note that we had an expert remove and examine the malfunctioned heater, the consensus was a defective heater (the second of which in less than 2 years), substandard quality element based on it state of deterioration.Thanks you for your consideration to these facts.

Product or Service Mentioned: Costco Warranty.

Monetary Loss: $500.

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