Acton, California

I will NEVER shop at Costco again!!!!! After pulling the movie America, Costco shows the world they favor communism and dictatorship!!! I am DONE!!

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Communism and socialism are not the same thing. Go back to school, you ignorant tw*t.

It's not a movie.

It's a book.

Costco actually plans on selling the movie once it is released.

Ignorance is not bliss. It just makes you look retarded.


They didn't pull a movie.

They pulled a book that their store could not sell.

Did you actually bother to research or are you just a parrot?


Y should a business have to put something in the store that doesn't sell? Doesn't make any sense.


That book sold 7 copies per store.

In a month.


I would have pulled it, too.

It is a complete waste of money to have to keep something that is not selling on the shelf.

The sales on that book are pretty pathetic in general. Why should costco suffer for it?


welcome to america. people should have to lose money for other peoples beliefs.