Canyon Lake, Texas
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Why in the world would you pull "AMERICA" now a NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER----

Off your shelfs? I have been a COSTCO MEMBER SINCE COSTCO OPENED in Maryland about 1989!!

I am FURIOUS about you choosing to sensor books because you do not support a view other than your own.

I would suggest to rethink the stupidity of YOUR DECISION to play politics! Sam's here many of us come!!'

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but they keep hillary Clintons on the shelf and it doesn't sell at all oh yeah shes a democrat


It's called sales. Clinton's book sells 4x more in that store than the America book, including a day where it sold 1000 copies in just ONE store, giving them around a 12,000 dollar profit from a single store in a single day.

It has given them, total, over 100,000 dollars in profit.

On an average day with the America book in a single store, it sold a grand total of 50 dollars. In total, the America book has only given them 36,000 dollars NATIONALLY.

This means that Clinton's book has brought in 64 thousand dollars more profit and that is lower than the actual sales number.

This is called smart business.

Clinton's book has sold more copies than the America book by far, and has brought in actual profits.

And if it was political, explain why they would carry the movie?

They wouldn't. But they are.


Yah, go shop at WallyWorld which is sams.

They make employees get welfare and foodstamps and help ruin the country. That's all. They make the economy worse every day.


Yeah.....go support child labor...that is such a clever idea. The only person you are hurting is innocent third world kids, not a mega store corporation.

Should probably think before you speak and who knows you might actually learn something if you did a little digging into the stores you decide to support. Take a horrible selling book that barely sold a copy in their store off a shelf is somehow better than child labor.........good luck explaining that one on judgement day.....


How is less than 10 books in a month per store "best selling"? Seriously.

That is horrible sales. Maybe not for a shop like Barnes and Noble, they might have sold a ton.

But to only sell 3600 nationwide over a month when you have like 475 stores? You have to be kidding if you think that is good.