Montgomery, Alabama

After dropping the America book I will never shop there again. Ever.

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They are going to carry the movie. If it's oh so political, then why are they already planning to carry the movie based on that book?

That book just didn't sell and cost them money.

3600 copies / 500 stores = 7 copies per store in a month for a total per store profit on only like 50-60 bucks.

That won't even cover the cost of paying one employee for half a day.


Shame on you Costco for placing politics over that of freedom of speech and the press! Pulling the book" America" by Dinesh D'sousa was purely politically motivated and targeted against your conservative customers.

Your CEO and employees have contributed more than $100,000,000 to the Presidents party. Even though I now have a newer Costco in my neighborhood, I will be driving across town to Sams Club.


Shame on you for supporting a company that makes their employees get welfare. Costco pays a living wage to their employees.

I bet you never heard of this book before the media was involved. You are one of the people that follow the media like mindless sheep.


Correct, these people, including Fox News are the problem. Not the solution.

Fortunately, Canada has Costco.

I am moving there. First a visit to New Zealand to see if I like it better.


Sam's Club supports child labor and sweatshops.

And forces it's employees to get on government assistance.

You are a despicable person.


LMAO it's a hundred thousand of the EX ceo's PRIVATE money that was donated to Obama, not a hundred million. Wow.

The book was pulled because it made less than a 100 dollars per store in a month.

Its also NOOOTTTT the only book cut this month.

Use your head and actually look up facts, not your useless mindless *** garbage.

Sam's Club makes it's employees get on welfare. How does that fit into your political beliefs?

Go support something that violates the foundation of what your party stands for. hypocritical ***!!!!