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Horrible experience. Cruel, demeaning customer service.

Specifically Bob at Jacksonville location. My father was in an accident and broke his foot and couldn't walk well. I came to Florida to help out with things around the house. Not only do I have same exact name (I'm a 'Junior'), but I also brought proof of the household with me.

I was just trying to buy some basic hygiene and food supplies. when I went to the cashier to explain that I was shopping on his behalf, I was given a firm "no" by worker Hector. I tried again explaining that this was temporary and I wasn't buying major items but he said sorry that's the policy. So I tried to talk to customer service and that's where I encountered Bob.

He said "that's not our problem" followed by "we have no way of knowing that" and his tone was mortifying. I said what about all the people living with disabilities who need carers or proxies to assist them? And clearly not an attempt to buy large merchandise mooching off the membership. I get that maybe this is the policy, but it should be reviewed and CERTAINLY we should not have been talked down to and insulted over an already painful experience.

I was so disgusted and ashamed at Bobs attitude. I'm filling a complaint with ADA

Product or Service Mentioned: Costco Cashier.

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I'm sorry about your father and all, but rules are rules. You have to have a membership to shop there.

End of story. I real don't know why you expected them to bend the rules just for you, or why you would think it's rude for them to enforce the rules.