Missoula, Montana
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Costco denied my American Express credit of $280.00 because of an expiration. Why would they have an expiration on a credit that you have earned by using the American Express card.

I felt like I stepped back into old Soviet bloc customer service. They pushed the "No" button practically before I finished my sentence, once they heard expiration. I literally felt like I was dealing with the DMV or some cold nasty government bureaucrats. Will you might say it's my fault for not following the expiration but that's the point, why is there an expiration on credits that I earned using their American Express card when I would've used a different card.

Missoula, MT. Brent S.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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I'm assuming you're talking about your American Express rewards check, a check that is issued you in your February statement, so you either got it the end of February or in March and it expired August 31st. You had 6 months to use it and American Express sends reminders out.

Why should Costco have to eat $280 because you were not a responsible adult? Take this as a monetary lesson about paying attention to dates.


Correct, it is your fault for not paying attention to the expiration. There are many ways to redeem the coupon, but the timing is important.

They are inflexible, and rightly so. Get over it.