Woodside, New York

I bought a set of Sealy mattress from Costco on line. The mattress set was delivered to my home on 10/26/2012, with a damaged box spring. I contacted Costco several times and eventually Chelsea B. , Furniture Resolution Specialist, said it would send a brand new box spring for the replacement to me in 2-4 weeks on11/12/ 2012.

But to my surprise, the replacement box spring came on 11/16, just 4 days after Chelsea said it would take 2-4 weeks for Sealy to manufacture a new box spring for the replacement. The followings were what I found about the "new" replacement box spring after it was delivered:

1. One end of the plastic bag of the box spring was already broken, and was taped some places to cover up; (The box spring was dragged into my home with the broken end facing down to the ground and you had no way to see it without turning it up.

2. The box spring inside was dirty, wet and molded;

3. There was a big cut in the back area of the box spring.

4. A label on the plastic bag of the box spring with a purchase order number on it. But the PO number did not belong to me.

5. The original purchaser's name, address and phone number on the label were blackened with a marker, but still could be read through.

6. My name was hand written on the plastic bag to make it look like was for my order.

The condition of the box spring was nasty, filthy, hazardous and harmful to health. It was 100 times worse than the original damaged one I had.

I wanted to find out what happened and called the number on the blackened label on the bag and spoke to the original purchaser of the box spring. She told me she had purchased a set of mattress from Costco in October also. But it had been flooded and damaged during the hit of Super Storm Sandy before it was delivered to her. And she would guess that the damaged box spring delivered to me could be the flooded one from her original order. (Both she and I live in the hard-hit area of Super Storm Sandy in the east coast.)

Obviously and ridiculously, Costco had delivered a piece of nasty, filthy, hazardous trash, which supposedly to be a brand new box spring for replacement, to my home.

I contacted Chelsea, the Furniture Resolution Specialist, on that day and wanted an explanation form Costco, but did not get one, except for saying that a wrong box was loaded.

I e-mailed back to Chelsea and stated that the answer was not sincere because the delivery of the nasty, filthy and hazardous box spring was knowingly, purposely and recklessly. And I explained to her in the following ways:

It was knowingly because the party responsible knew that the box spring was not for me. He noticed the original purchaser's name on the label, so he had used a black marker to cross out the original information.

It was purposely because he also had crossed out the hand written original purchaser's name on the plastic bag and put my name on it, therefore it made that box spring look like was for my order.

It was recklessly because both New York and New Jersey governments had ordered people to dispose all the furniture flooded and damaged during the Super Storm Sandy to prevent from spreading diseases. This flooded and molded box spring should have been in a dumpster, not delivered to MY HOME.

This delivery could never be a mistake unless dumpsters were used to hold Costco's inventory products, and this piece of trash was pulled out directly from a pile of junks, loaded and "mistakenly" delivered to my home.

I told Chelsea what had happened was ridiculous and totally unacceptable. I wanted to find out why I was treated like this by Costco. But I did not get an explanation, either.

I asked Costco to give me solutions to the damages Costco had brought to me, but I did not get one.

Then I raised a question to myself whether someone wanted to shift its loss and damages to its customers and members even at the risk of people's health. And I wish my question were wrong.

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