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I just came back home from Costco (6135 Junction Blvd, Rego Park, NY 11374) with my family and when I opened the chicken casserole that I just bought to cook I felt a terrible smell . Also the meat looks old and rotten.

I find this unacceptable especially because I was ready to cook this for my 18 month old child and severely troubling because we bought two casseroles and they both had the same odor and look. After this happening, I will definitely cancel my membership card and will strongly recommend all my acquaintances to do so. P.S.

This is the second time I am throwing food bought from Costco. First time I let it go but this time I will not.

Product or Service Mentioned: Chicken Thighs.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Monetary Loss: $26.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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chicken thighs are gross.. no matter what.. worst part t of the chicken..


How long did it sit in your car before you got home ?


When I buy raw chicken from Costco it doesn’t come in that type of packaging. The chicken looks fine though. Sometimes you get an unpleasant smell from raw meat that doesn’t mean the meat is bad.


....so did you return it to let them know of this issue? Or just literally let it fester and then get other people "sick," as you seem so concerned about..?

I also see no rotting in the meat (google an image of rotting chicken since you seem to have little experience with it), it MAY have a smell, but to accuse a large company of intentionally selling rotten chicken.... like, really?


The chicken quarters are not rotten.They look fresh. There is always a slight odor from tightly wrapped chicken after you unwrap it. I smell a *** artist here.


You pre judge but go ahead take the chance of getting food poisoning if you can't smell it you don't know but take the bate and disregard her warning.


*** yea, you do.. and i bet that she cooked that mess and ate it too. Because anyone knows costco takes back ANYTHING.


You do not have to be so rude to her. PERHAPS it was a simple MISTAKE!

If she did it via cellular perhaps it was predictive texting and she did not catch it? But, No one should ever come on here and call people names.

Dear Anonymous!! I can bet you have made mistakes in your life as well!


Those are not casseroles you retard, those are packs of raw chicken.


Does not look like a casserole to me. Strange, I have found Costco meat and chicken to be top-notch. Maybe a different situation in the East.


No. This person is full of @^!+. All they have to do i return it and the store will take it back with no issue


I always open a small hole near the corner of chicken packages because of too many instances like you describe. If it's bad I can smell it BEFORE bringing it home and the meal I planned is ruined.


Just great! What a great way to ruin food for others. Typical Trump supporter, I bet.


Supporting Trump has nothing to do with this, wtf? Stupidity works on both sides of the aisle.


No, actually NOT a Trump supporter, but besides the point. If I am buying the package, I open it first. If it smells rotten, no one should buy it anyway.


Just buy cook and eat. Who cares if you get food poisoning. The body and the food don't come with party genders.