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Driving back from an appointment with my quadriplegic son in our wheelchair van we decided to stop at the nearest Costco which turned out to be at 43621 Pacific Commons Blvd in Fremont CA. Since my wife didn't have her Costco Amex I gave her mine so she could go into the store for a few items while I tended to some problems with the wheelchair tie-downs in the van.

She called from the store saying they would not allow her to charge on my card without me present. Obviously I could not leave our son to go into the store so I asked to speak to the person she was talking to. he said "I don't talk on the phone". Needless to say my wife left the store without her purchases.

I fully understand the need for loss control and for all the cashier and supervisor knew she could be trying to charge on a stolen card. My complaint is the incredibly rude behavior of the two people she dealt with. Its easy to politely decline the purchase. Some one needs some training or needs to seek a different career.

These people are the face of Costco.

Who would want to see these individuals? We'll never go back there and I am seriously considering going to the competition rather than shop Costco in the future.

Monetary Loss: $200.

Preferred solution: Get some customer service training for the store manager on down. The tone is set at the top so I'd start by getting the store manager a little training..

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I came into the same situation today, and I felt very disappointed with Costco Fremont Store. The cashier acted in a very rude manner and did not explain store rules to me, but her supervisor explained clearly to me. Customer service is very important to a store, and Costco should pay more attention on training cashiers.


Per your agreement with AMEX, cards are not transferable. Although it is inconvenient, but that's life. You can't always do what you want, you have to figure it out like an adult.


I have a reasonable adult solution to your problem, you go inside with your card and your wife stays with your son. You are making your own life more difficult.


A sound advice from a clear headed adult. Thumbs up.


It sometimes stinks from a customer's point if view, but Costco has policies they have to follow. Like you said, for all they know card your wife was using could have been stolen, and then the owner would have been thankful for this policy.

As for the phone comment, they probably are not allowed to handle customers phones for liability reasons: if the phone started acting up in the next six months or so some customers would claim it was the employees fault.

I understand your difficult situation with your son in the car, but that's really not any reason for Costco to bend the rules and after reading your complaint I really can't pinpoint any way they were rude, unless you left something out. Maybe next time if you have your card and your wife does not then you should go in while she stays at the van with your son.