Alhambra, California

I have been going to the Costco in Alhambra for a quite a while now and the workers there are usually very friendly and nice but my visit to Costco today has left me very infuriated. My mom told the employee, Reyna (since 1988), at the cashier that she wanted to get a separate check for a certain items we were purchasing and Reyna said "What?" impolitely but that wasn't a big deal and when I repeated to her what my mom said, she responded in a extremely rude manner and said "I know.

I heard what she said MISS". If she heard what my mom the first time, why did she say "what" in the first place? After that, my mom told her again what items to put in the separate checks because she still didn't seem to get it and again, she responded in the same manner and said, "I KNOW. I already put it in the check".

We obviously told her again to save her the trouble of redoing the separate checks if there was a mistake. This wasn't it. She was also rude to the customer in front of us. The guy went to grab something really quick and Reyna said "I can't wait." while the people waiting in line were waiting patiently.

It is her job to provide us with service and if she can't even do the bare minimum, then don't even work there. I have never written a complaint on anyone before but I had to this time because I honestly cannot stress how RUDE she was.

Product or Service Mentioned: Costco Cashier.

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