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Everytime I go to a costco, I never have any positive experience. I swear bad chi followed me around whenever I went to a costco! My sister and I, went there for a simple purchase, 2 package of toilet paper, 1 watermelon, 1 package of canned chicken, and 1 box of beer and upon paying for the purchases, the cashier girl asked for my sister's id since she was paying. Once she saw that the name on the card was not my sister, she asked who was the card belong to, and we told her that it was our mother's.However at the time, our mother was not with us to make these purchases. Mine you, my sister and my mother looked alike, plus we have the same last name. So the cashier proceed to explain the costco's policy to us, and basically told us that the only thing we could purchase, was the box of beer without the membership.Plus our mother's card would be confiscated, and that our mother would need to make a special trip out of her way to pick up her card.When asked why could we only get the alcohol, cause if anything, we careless about the liquor, the cashier told us that under the state law, they can't refused a sale of alcohol. That's bull, really we dont care about the box of beer!!! Then the cashier told my sister that the card was costco property now. My sister refused to leave the card in costco and requested to ask for a manager, so cashier called for one, and shortly a supervisor showed up. He proceed to explain the policy to us again, but at the moment, my sister was like I am not leaving here without my card. The card was in the cashier's hand, but my sister's quick hands snatched it away from the cashier. In fear, the cashier thought my sister was going to hit her, plus the supervisor as well. He told my sister to claim down , and that it's not way she should treat the costco cashier that way. So at the moment, I got mad, and said well, that's no way of costco treating us that way either. My sister and I were not criminals, who was the one paying for the bill? Who gives the right to costco to take the card away because of it's redicious policy? The membership policy should be re-establish and allow the offspring to use. We were the one having to pay for the dam membership and same billing address family member can't even use the card? Also at the exterence door, why do we have to show the membership card upon stepping foot into that property which people pay to get in?? We get it that only membership holders could get in, must we need to reach into our pockets/wallet/ purse to proof that? If the enterence door was only for incoming customers,then why do the workers took the liberty to exit out of the incoming traffic of people trying to getting into costco?? I once was yell at for using the enterence doors as exit when there was no one getting into costco!

In another incident, on a rainy day before we step inside to another costco, my sister slip an fell in front of the enterence, and the door greeter, do not even say anything or do anything. .At the time,I was mad because I felt like the least the door greeter could do, was to acknowledge that my sister was okay. The door greeter was looking right at us, and she was like I saw nothing. My mother and I complaint to the supervisor, at the time, took an incident report, but it was bull, costco dont care about anything but themselves. The supervisior was like since my sister fell outside of costco, it was not costco property once its outside of the costco prison doors. Are you kidding me? Not costco property?!!? No one followed up anything and good thing my sister was not hurt otherwise I would sue costco.

I have many more horrible stories from costco, but too long to continue on. If it's up to my lonesome decision, I would careless for this communist faculty. To this day, I dont know why my mother would continue to put up these rude jack rabbits that work there.

Product or Service Mentioned: Costco Cashier.

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wow this has been a crazy post. I'm sorry but Dreamlandx314, you're nuts.

I don't agree with a store requiring a membership to shop but it's just how they are. and you have to follow the rules, just like everyone else. that's usually something you learn in elementary school but judging your typing skills, I don't think you paid much attention. you tried to use someone else's membership and you got caught.

it's their policy and you thought you could sneak past it. you claim that Jedi has no life, yet you commented like dozens of times already.

my advice? calm down and shop somewhere else.


"Actually I am taking legal actions" No Jedi - she is taking legal actions for her defense in her pending assault charge for striking the cashier when she ripped the card of out the cashier's hand.


Legal action for them following their rules. Good luck.


Actually I am taking legal actions. Thanks Cindi for the heads up.


Also she thinks everyone is a paid Costco writer, the truth is she does not want to admit she is wrong, and would rather believe that the people using logic and telling her she is wrong are employees, it is like us assuming she is making this whole thing up to make them look bad because they fired her or caught her stealing.


Yeah, well I have that review I posted on here as well. Also cindi, you are either the sister who was not taught better, or you are dreamlandx314 yourself.

Both are from richardson, texas, US, Then again it could be another poster in your town. Or the IP thing could be not working again.


Also bringing Costco down because you and your sister are too childish to follow the rules is not something to brag about. You don't want me to bash your family don't tell me about incidents where your sister behaved as if she is eight years old.


Actually I searched and there is no "proof". Your sister is the coward because she attacks people grabs things from them. As for making you angry, for a psycho it does not take much to make you angry so that does not count.


Again with the personal attack with one's family, Jedi have no intelligence. Only a person with no life continues on and on to proof what Costco is such a great place to shop at?

The only reason you like to continue on us because you cared more of trying to get me mad. Haha. Oh, I proofed you are a fool. if people can searched this, you can searched for my links too.

The only coward here is you because you need to make me feel bad in order to make yourself happy.

I can bring Costco down, but you can't bring me down. Learn to have a life like the rest of the world.


If you think you and your sister are greater people by grabbing things from others obviously you were brought up wrong. You are not the greater person, you have the manners of a stray dog. I don't know about you but your sister certainly does.


In other words you are a big liar and don't have the "proof" you are also a coward and run away as soon as you are wrong. Your "mother" taught you and your sister real well did she not.

You are the one with no life, and you and your sister have issues if you think it is okay for her to behave this way. You go off shooting your mouth, but once you are proven wrong you back away like the coward you are.


I don't have to proof anything because apparently no have no life! And I do so I am going to be the greater person and leaving this. I do have a link but I am going to have to proof to a person who seems to not have a life!


You only admitted it today. So quit lying. If you admitted it a long time ago give me a link to the date you admitted to it and quote it.


You only admitted it today. So quit lying. If you admitted it a long time ago give me a link to the date you admitted to it and quote it.


I admitted a long time ago to everyone except u Jedi just because u think u are better than the rest of the commenter see how nicely I said thank you Bruce because he explained nicely and t is nicely commenting so I thank you. U rumble on n on like an *** too blah blah blah blah.

Get a life! Goodbye move on.


It is a shame that it took you a while to realize that you were wrong. IF you had admitted you were wrong a long time ago I would not assume that your parents did not teach you better. You know this would have ended if you did he mature thing and admitted you were wrong.


@t thank you I respect everyone's comments. Yes i know we were wrong, but here comes Jedi's assumptions.

I know the world is not revolving around me, me, me but no one is ganging up on me except Jedi because he thinks I am egging him on the make more rude comments of what he does not know.Be real Jedi, u never have any bad experiences anywhere u shopped before?

Wow u are that great of a person, then u should just move out of my post. The second u made comments about one's family then I know you have no real intelligences.


Hate to gang up on you, but you were wrong. These warehouse places give one card to a member, and one associate member.

You guys were using someone else's card and got busted. Then you got belligerent.

And you want people to take YOUR side? Nope!


If your sister does not know better than to grab things from people when you are not following the rules it appears that your family is messed up and a bunch of barbarians. Did your mother and yourself seek to help your sister or were you quick to blame others for her being careless. Not giving you your way when you are wrong does not mean they are not doing their job and you have to realize the world does not revolve around you.


Talking about expired food. I came across seafood expired in their fridge.

The breads in my area expired in one day! The eggs n milk expired in 2 weeks. Costco really is a rip off place.

We don't go often and everytime I good i have bad experiences, so I am glad we are no longer going there.

If I was a secret shopper, I would have said Costco is a poor place to shop vs other grocery places.