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Everytime I go to a costco, I never have any positive experience. I swear bad chi followed me around whenever I went to a costco! My sister and I, went there for a simple purchase, 2 package of toilet paper, 1 watermelon, 1 package of canned chicken, and 1 box of beer and upon paying for the purchases, the cashier girl asked for my sister's id since she was paying. Once she saw that the name on the card was not my sister, she asked who was the card belong to, and we told her that it was our mother's.However at the time, our mother was not with us to make these purchases. Mine you, my sister and my mother looked alike, plus we have the same last name. So the cashier proceed to explain the costco's policy to us, and basically told us that the only thing we could purchase, was the box of beer without the membership.Plus our mother's card would be confiscated, and that our mother would need to make a special trip out of her way to pick up her card.When asked why could we only get the alcohol, cause if anything, we careless about the liquor, the cashier told us that under the state law, they can't refused a sale of alcohol. That's bull, really we dont care about the box of beer!!! Then the cashier told my sister that the card was costco property now. My sister refused to leave the card in costco and requested to ask for a manager, so cashier called for one, and shortly a supervisor showed up. He proceed to explain the policy to us again, but at the moment, my sister was like I am not leaving here without my card. The card was in the cashier's hand, but my sister's quick hands snatched it away from the cashier. In fear, the cashier thought my sister was going to hit her, plus the supervisor as well. He told my sister to claim down , and that it's not way she should treat the costco cashier that way. So at the moment, I got mad, and said well, that's no way of costco treating us that way either. My sister and I were not criminals, who was the one paying for the bill? Who gives the right to costco to take the card away because of it's redicious policy? The membership policy should be re-establish and allow the offspring to use. We were the one having to pay for the dam membership and same billing address family member can't even use the card? Also at the exterence door, why do we have to show the membership card upon stepping foot into that property which people pay to get in?? We get it that only membership holders could get in, must we need to reach into our pockets/wallet/ purse to proof that? If the enterence door was only for incoming customers,then why do the workers took the liberty to exit out of the incoming traffic of people trying to getting into costco?? I once was yell at for using the enterence doors as exit when there was no one getting into costco!

In another incident, on a rainy day before we step inside to another costco, my sister slip an fell in front of the enterence, and the door greeter, do not even say anything or do anything. .At the time,I was mad because I felt like the least the door greeter could do, was to acknowledge that my sister was okay. The door greeter was looking right at us, and she was like I saw nothing. My mother and I complaint to the supervisor, at the time, took an incident report, but it was bull, costco dont care about anything but themselves. The supervisior was like since my sister fell outside of costco, it was not costco property once its outside of the costco prison doors. Are you kidding me? Not costco property?!!? No one followed up anything and good thing my sister was not hurt otherwise I would sue costco.

I have many more horrible stories from costco, but too long to continue on. If it's up to my lonesome decision, I would careless for this communist faculty. To this day, I dont know why my mother would continue to put up these rude jack rabbits that work there.

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Really thanks for ur concern but our beef is with Costco. The help needed here is costco, i have the right to express my experiences and grief while shopping there. What are u trying to proof when u first rudely made comments about my family? Who are u to judge? You were not there when all these things happened.Were u there when that happened? My sister nicely showed her id to the cashier then the cashier loudly said we stole someone's card! So I said call our mother. No they have no customer service in Costco. First dug up fax before accusing someone. If costco are so concerned with making money off of people's membership then they shouldn't even allowed card holders that bring guests to use their card. Shouldn't allowed people can just walk right in with cash card to pay with membership. As far as the beer rule, they should just said no membership no purchase anything period! That's my point.

As far as my sis slipping on the ground, it's a rainy day floors are slippery. If Costco hired a representative which is the greeter at the door, common human emotion asked if the person is ok otherwise why are they standing there for show and tell?

The workers there do not do there job, if they get paid higher wages then most people in the retail, why do they act and treat customers worst than any other place. We have no complaints anywhere except this place! This place gives me frustration over everything.

One costco said no coupon another said yes coupon which they send out. The food line is horrible. People go to food court wait in line for good 20 mins to get the order, then have to wait another 30 mins to pick up if waiting for pizza. It's first pay first serve right? No. People who shopped in there can add a pizza at the end of their Costco shopping bill , comes out and can stand in the pick up What about the people that waited for their pizza originally?

You never have any bad experiences with Costco? Like I said the deals are not great there, no good customer service. Maybe I am wrong maybe its because of this area? I went to 3 different Costco and they all doesn't have friendly service. Maybe the ones in canada are different?Have u seen the workers on the clock chit chatting with each other rather than serve? I have.


I can post all I want as well. I hope you seek help for your sister, I think out of all three she need it the most, next you and finally your mother.


I am not behaving like a child, I am simply telling you your sister has no right grabbing things from people. I am simply telling you that with he attitude one day she is going to snap and hurt a lot of people.

Seems like this kind of thing runs in the family, your mother has this attitude and passed it down to her daughters.

Let's face it she should not be allowing you out in public. But since she is the reason for your problems she hopefully an aunt or grandmother (assuming they are not messed up as well) can take over and raise you to be decent.


@settle the person's card is my mother's. I paid for the membership, however it was inital set up by my mother, we did not know members can have up 2 members added for a fee.BTW theres not much deals in costco, local supermarkets cost almost the same, and I dont have to paid the get in


As a long time Costco member and a shareholder in the company, I'd like to commend the employees that refused to sell to this person.

Costco is a membership club. You get deals BECAUSE YOU PAY FOR MEMBERSHIP.

I'm amazed that "Dreamland" thinks that she ought to be allowed to borrow another member's card!

The membership ought to be revoked for sharing the card.


this is my OP so i can post all i want in my own post. you troll, seek help for yourself,in your sick mind, that is what you want to do otherwise you would not said that. Something to think about of yourself instead of thinking badly for others, because you behaved badly like a child commenting back as well, Goodbye this is done with move on.


I am not the writing about my life. I am not the one who throws tantrum like your sister does. Your sister has issues and you better seek help for her if you really love her before she goes completely haywire and starts climbing towers and shooting people.


Hey you posted about as many replies as I did psycho.


Really who have that much time on their hands to comment every single one of everyone's complaints. Either you are paid to do this or you are too dull to have a real life.

btw i am surprised with the new fresh comments you have come up with because every comment you made repeats over and over. In your delusional mind that my family status is bad, I want to laugh because you are writing about your own life here.


I want to apologize profusely for my previous post. The spelling mistakes are unacceptable, but that is what I get when I type comments 3/4 drunk and fully P1SS3D off.

id s

@bruce thank you for taking the time to explained to me.


Are you mentally retarded? You assume because we are pointing out your faults that we work at Costco. You have mental issues. First you complain others are judging you and making assumptions about you. Now you assume we all work at Costco. I thought your sister was the one with issues but apparently you have issues as well. We are not being biased we are simply telling you that you and your sister are behaving like five year old children. However your skull seems to be too thick to penetrate this. Frankly Costco would benefit losing your business if you behave like this all the time. Losing the business of two spoiled brats will not hurt them. Also assuming we work at Costco because we are telling you your sister behaved like a child, shows that your reasoning skills are that of a five year old. No wonder you cannot read simple signs such as exit, so the Costco employees do it all the time, if they ran onto traffic would you do the same. Yeah they are wrong, but you are as well.

"Also, you stated in your original post that you snatched the card rrom the cashier, which indicates that you laid hands on the cashier to obtain your mothers membership card."

She did state this, but I guess we must not blame her for this. Obviously her mother is the same it seems from her review, yelling at the workers because her careless daughter fell. Most likely her precious little one was too angry to watch where she was going. The mother I wonder if she even went to check if her daughter was okay, or if she was more concerned about yelling at the greeter because her daughter is a brain dead zombie who cannot even walk. No wonder the mother is unmarried and unemployed and needs the daughter's to support her. They must get their attitude and bad behavior from her. I hope for the sake of the "five" year old sisters and for Costco's sake she discontinues her membership. I wonder where the father is, probably shot himself in the head dealing with these three "women" in his life.


It does not matter that you don't know the policy or not, the fact remains it was your sister who was behaving like a jack "rabbit" rather than the people you accuse of behaving that way. When did your sister escape from the nut house?

Also learn how to read. I was not the one saying it is fraud. I was simply quoting someone. Not knowing that you can get a card for yourself does not give your sister the right to act like she is five years old.

They tried to tell you the rules but you argued and did not listen, you grabbed the card out of the cashier's hand. Did your mother not train you better.

If you were not supporting her she would probably tell you to get out of her house. I am sure she is "proud" of how you behave.


I am not judging without knowing, if you are going to post about how childish you act I am going to assume you are unmarried. Whether you support your mother or not you clearly are unmarried because face it no man in their right mind would want you.


I would not be bashing your complaint if you were not acting like a douchbag. Or rather your sister, do you really think your sister behaved herself?

Seriously who grabs things from people? A five year old? Since your sister is old enough to drink why is she behaving like she is five years old?

If you don't want people to bash you don't brag about abusing others and stomping your feet when you don't get your way. Do you honestly think you behaved the way an adult should behave?


Okay - let me provide you with an example. I used to manage a small private club which only admitted members in good standing (that means they were not on suspension and they had paod their dues) and their giests (max 5 visits per guest per year).

Guests were allowed to drink alcohol, but COULD NOT PURCHASE ANYTHING. The member had to purchase all drinks for the guest. If you were in possesion of someone else's memberahip card in order to fool the bartender, both the member and bearer of the card were suspended immediately. Mpre than likely the bearer was banned for life and the member for one year on the first offense.

What you did should not be taken lightly.

While guests may shop with a member, only the member may pay for the purchases.

You intentionally defrauded Costco by trying to use your mother's card. And you are not paying wages if you are trying to bypass paying the membership dues.

Also, you stated in your original post that you snatched the card rrom the cashier, which indicates that you laid hands on the cashier to obtain your mothers membership card.

id s

The point is, it's people like them that said oh yea the workers of Costco did the right thing, by simply not even acknowledge if a person took a tumble in front of this particular store. What last i checked was we consumers pay the employee to work there.

What if my sister was an elderly person, would you be more compassionate?

Oh by the way, yea we know how to read, clearly Costco rules doesn't apply to the employees. Going thru the doors in opposite directions, do they know how to read? going to the sample line, and have cutties, I don't think so and you work there? Shame on you all workers!

Re-train your employees rather than hiring some writer to bash into people's real comments and feelings of your establishment.

The policy of this warehouse of letting someone use their membership card is outrageous. A person with its Costco cash card can get in use that card to purchase something with a membership fee. A person whom is just walking up into any costco store n can purchase alcohol without any membership fee. A friend of a card holder can escape from this so called membership fee get in with card holder n make their purchases.

Where as a paying consumer n a close relative whom is living in the same household not bothered to check good employees working at costco ._. Really? Don't judge someone with their experience because customer service in Costco is below satifaction.

These people that so called sided with Costco either worked for them, or need not to be bias. Costco is the only place that frustrate me never have i experienced such discomfort to a place made out of jack rabbits.

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Btw I can live without the membership of costco, when averaging out the darn membership cost 15 cents a day, in which that 15cents a day can save a child in Africa. Even when I am not shopping at Costco they are costing me.

We don't go there often because buying bulk on soon to be expired bread is not fair. Who can eat that much bread in one day?

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@jedi, thank you for your comments,seems like you are a hired writer to blash in everybody's comlaints or you just have too much time on your hands. No it is not fruad when we are the ones paying for the membership, and bills so we are authorized users.

If only they took the time to check. However we didnt know we can get our own cards. So what about the guests that a card holder can bring,they skipped on the membership too.

The only reason why we lived at home, it is because we are the providers for this household. Thank you for judging without knowing someone.This site is for people to vent.Never like to shop at costco and never will.

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@bigbruce: as i said before we dont care about the beer, but clearly its bull that I can walk into a freaking costco without membership and buy a case of beer and cant get any toilet paper. There's something wrong there!

So what about the guests that a card holder can bring to purchase their stuff in a costco, without paying for the membership fee?

We didnt lay our hands on anyone, clearly you didnt read well, i am sorry. we offer for them to call our mother, instead this is the first time, we didnt know so give us the card and let us go.

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