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Everytime I go to a costco, I never have any positive experience. I swear bad chi followed me around whenever I went to a costco! My sister and I, went there for a simple purchase, 2 package of toilet paper, 1 watermelon, 1 package of canned chicken, and 1 box of beer and upon paying for the purchases, the cashier girl asked for my sister's id since she was paying. Once she saw that the name on the card was not my sister, she asked who was the card belong to, and we told her that it was our mother's.However at the time, our mother was not with us to make these purchases. Mine you, my sister and my mother looked alike, plus we have the same last name. So the cashier proceed to explain the costco's policy to us, and basically told us that the only thing we could purchase, was the box of beer without the membership.Plus our mother's card would be confiscated, and that our mother would need to make a special trip out of her way to pick up her card.When asked why could we only get the alcohol, cause if anything, we careless about the liquor, the cashier told us that under the state law, they can't refused a sale of alcohol. That's bull, really we dont care about the box of beer!!! Then the cashier told my sister that the card was costco property now. My sister refused to leave the card in costco and requested to ask for a manager, so cashier called for one, and shortly a supervisor showed up. He proceed to explain the policy to us again, but at the moment, my sister was like I am not leaving here without my card. The card was in the cashier's hand, but my sister's quick hands snatched it away from the cashier. In fear, the cashier thought my sister was going to hit her, plus the supervisor as well. He told my sister to claim down , and that it's not way she should treat the costco cashier that way. So at the moment, I got mad, and said well, that's no way of costco treating us that way either. My sister and I were not criminals, who was the one paying for the bill? Who gives the right to costco to take the card away because of it's redicious policy? The membership policy should be re-establish and allow the offspring to use. We were the one having to pay for the dam membership and same billing address family member can't even use the card? Also at the exterence door, why do we have to show the membership card upon stepping foot into that property which people pay to get in?? We get it that only membership holders could get in, must we need to reach into our pockets/wallet/ purse to proof that? If the enterence door was only for incoming customers,then why do the workers took the liberty to exit out of the incoming traffic of people trying to getting into costco?? I once was yell at for using the enterence doors as exit when there was no one getting into costco!

In another incident, on a rainy day before we step inside to another costco, my sister slip an fell in front of the enterence, and the door greeter, do not even say anything or do anything. .At the time,I was mad because I felt like the least the door greeter could do, was to acknowledge that my sister was okay. The door greeter was looking right at us, and she was like I saw nothing. My mother and I complaint to the supervisor, at the time, took an incident report, but it was bull, costco dont care about anything but themselves. The supervisior was like since my sister fell outside of costco, it was not costco property once its outside of the costco prison doors. Are you kidding me? Not costco property?!!? No one followed up anything and good thing my sister was not hurt otherwise I would sue costco.

I have many more horrible stories from costco, but too long to continue on. If it's up to my lonesome decision, I would careless for this communist faculty. To this day, I dont know why my mother would continue to put up these rude jack rabbits that work there.

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id s

@sessa thank you for pointing out my exact point! So a guest can accompanied a card holder & get their stuff there, so that means your friends get in for free withouth paying for the membership?

Where as I am a paying consumer paid for the membership, if they would check, I was the one paying it. So if someone was the changed their names legal, they have to show papers each time shopping there?

I didnt say we are better than everyone else, but if we didnt know the policy, first timers shouldnt they just said it nicely, give us the card and let us go. Yes, costco paid great to their workers, but they careless for the consumers, they just want the money.

id s

@pulltype thanks i will do that i have no interest of getting into that place again


"I think if they live in the same household as the mother than they are allowed" - Warehouse clubs allow two people (within the same household) per membership, with each person getting their own card. You can add other family members -- for a fee (which these two tried to bypass and defraud Costco).


"This is called FRAUD, which is a misdemeanor at least in most states. You presented your mother's membership card as your own in hopes of avoiding the membership fee."

I think if they live in the same household as the mother than they are allowed to use he card and judging by their behaviour and personalities I doubt these two "ladies" are married.

As for the OP, you don't know why your mother puts up with the rude jack rabbits who work there, well she puts up with you and your sister and if she can put up with the combination of the two of you she can put up with any rude people. Besides no one was rude to you. Not giving in to your temper tantrum is not being rude. Seriously maybe if you stopped throwing temper tantrums you would find a man and get out of your mother's hair. But to do that you have to stop acting like you are two years old and the world revolves around you.

As for suing Costco for because your sister falls. It is a shame that people are sue happy. Most likely your sister fell because she was too angry to watch where she was walking.


This is called FRAUD, which is a misdemeanor at least in most states. You presented your mother's membership card as your own in hopes of avoiding the membership fee.

And now you are complaining because Costco caught you? At the very least, they should have revoked your mother's membership and kicked the two of you out. IT IS PEOPLE LIKE YOU THAT MAKE OTHER MEMBERS PAY HIGHER MEMBERSHIP DUES.

Also, the second you would have laid hands on a cashier, I would have filed assault charges against you (BTW - the cashier can still [and probably should] file assault charges against you). You two are animals and are ridiculous in your actions.

How do you ever have the courage to make a complaint over your fraud and assault at Costco ? :x


You are lucky they did not refuse to sell you the beer thinking you were under aged based on your behaviour. If your mother had done a good job as a parent she would have taught you to follow the rules and she would have been shopping with you and not had her card confiscated.

Also the reason they yelled at you for using the wrong doors is because they expect you to know how to read at your age. You may be two grown up sisters but you acted like you are five and eight. I do agree that Costco handled it wrong. When you were throwing your little tantrum they should have called security and had you escorted out of the store and embarrassed you in front of everyone.

If your sister fell why did you not do a thing.

When your "eight year old"sister snatched the card from the cashier's hands they should have restrained her. Since she made the first aggressive move they would be defending themselves.

Sara L

You are quite simply ridiculous. WE shouldn't have to follow the rules, WE are better than everyone else, they should make an exception for US...

Whine, whine, whine. I shop at Costco all the time with friends who use my card to purchase. They allow us to split our ordes and for friends to pay seperately using my card. Costco is a great company with a great reputation and high hourly wages and benefits for it's employees.

I would really like to hear you explain how Costco is a communist "faculty". My guess is you couldn't, as I'm sure you don't even know the meaning of that word.


Bad chi tends to follow the same people. Stay away -- problem solved.

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