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I had an optical exam at the Santa Rosa Costco one year ago. Previously, I had purchased Proclear multifocal contacts from Costco, but couldn't afford the $440.00 per year cost anymore and so told the Dr.

as much. He said he would fit me with a cheaper brand to correct my astigmatism. They are (Biofinity Toric)the worst contacts I've ever had in my 30 years of contact lens use. Its only partly a bad prescription (I can't see anything clear within 4 feet).

They are also extremely difficult to remove and very uncomfortable. The prescription for the glasses is the same. I get headaches when I wear them and have to pull them down away from my eyes to see anything remotely clear. I wore the glasses and contacts for a month and made another appointment with the doctor to address my concerns.

During my appointment I described the issues I have documented here, whereas he proceeded to trivialize my concerns by telling me that the prescription was based on my answers to his questions during the exam (how many of people intentionally tell the optometrist that the letters are clear when they're not?????). When I repeated my concernes his response was very defensive...as if I was criticizing his ability. He said sarcastically, "you've already told me that!" I said, "Yes, but you're not listening to me". He then prescribed a trial pair of contacts which were not much better.

In spite of his belligerent manner, I attempted to reschedule another appointment with him, whereas his office did not return my call. That was over three months ago. I feel a close connection to Costco having grown up in the Seattle area and becoming an early Costco member back in the '80's. I've known for many years who Michael and Jeffrey Brotman are...and even used to patronize their dad's store: "Bernie's"....then "Bernie's and Bottoms".."Natural Selection" and "Jeffrey Michaels".

My step daughter modeled for their brochures and worked at Corporate in Kirkland.

So, I'm Pissed that Costco would have such a rude, unprofessional optometrist working for them at their Santa Rosa store. Thanks.

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:( Do they profile people who complain? They need to be taught a lesson!