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One Sunday after purchasing two items we were trying to leave the store but there was an exit line of more than 25 other suckers.when we tried to go around ,the door moniter grabbed the receipt from my wife and ordered her to the end of the line,and would not return the receipt. After about ten minutes of arguing she tore the receipt and threw it on the floor.

We left the store never to return again. Now we have no more membership dues ,its the best.

Why pay a membership fee to be treated like ***.Now we only shop at stores without membership fees.

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Costco is too much like an army camp and they also expect you to pay a membership so they can profit from you shopping there. No, too much bother, regular stores are better.


we all have a busy lifestyle i have seen things from both sides but if you want to jump into the line and rip the recipt do it elsewhere i believe you need to rtake a course on manners and another on how to treat people how wold you feel if someone jumped in front of you i think you would have another temper tantrum and again you would not be at fault get a life


The only "rude" one was you. Wait your turn.


I have two sons, one is four years old, one is ten years old. If my four year old acted the way your wife did I would talk to him and tell him that he has to learn to wait his turn.

If my ten year old was acting that way I would tell him he was not acting his age because ten year olds know better than to cut in line.

ghostbuster I am not sure if it was the wife that tore the receipt or if it was the costco lady. If it was the costco lady I can see why. It would not surprise me if the wife tore the receipt. My son starts Kindergarten next year and I hope they teach him to wait in line and to wait his turn.

Perhaps the wife needs should have been in your second grade class, they would teach her a thing or two about respect, patience and waiting her turn. My oldest son is in fourth grade and by that age I would hope they are mature enough not to act like the husband and wife.



is this a real complaint? haha! thanks for the laugh!


wow... the complaints on this site confirm to me that most complaints on this site are worthless.

there are some legit complaints, but ones like this...just wow


12 Trevor, this person acted more like a five year old.


Did you really pay the membership fee the first time? You seem like the type of person who probably received a gift card to cover the membership fee from a family member because he/she felt sorry for you..

And do you ever think back on the situation and wonder, "What would Jesus do?" . Perhaps you should.


I remember seeing you do this at the store. I laughed really hard when you left.

So, did the rest of the other people in line. I hope you will consider rejoining when you've worked through your self-centered phase. I think you'll be pleased.

Also, it's a rarity for there to be an extensive line at the Costco exit.

Most of the people get through quickly. So, maybe it won't happen again.


So your wife throws a temper tantrum just because she can't wait in the "***" and you think Costco is to blame. Both of you need a lot of growing up to do before you go out in public.

Do us all a favor, go to Costco one more time. (or Sams club if you prefer) buy a whole bunch of frozen food, bottled water and a mircowave and a couple hundred fridges. Then stay at home an don't go out again. You already have an ample supply of food and water.

Or better yet, do your shopping online till you are ready to be normal. Whatever you do don't ***.

We don't want more of your kind. (rude arrogant , self centered people.)


If you were such in a hurry, maybe you should have left a bit earlier, or went another day when you had more time!!!. Do you have road rage also? :(


Not only did the wife and husband cut in front of the line but they also tore the receipt and threw it on the floor. Costno do us all a favour and don't have children. Save the world from more people like you do, and if you do have children either have them adopted by somoene who will raise them to be decent citizens or raise them as decent citizens yourselves.


you and your wife are not the center of the world. you were the 26th in line.

why the 25th or the 24th did'nt act like you? because they are just normal. what let you think that you and your wife could pass in front of the line like that.

if nobody punch your face to pass in front of them it's just because they are polite, not as you. it's confirmed, you and your wife are as****es.


I know how your feel costno, I remember when I was in the second grade my teacher used to make anyone that cut in line get to the back of the line. She wanted to teach us to wait our turn.

If someone showed attitude they would have to sit at the desk while the rest of the class went and did fun stuff, recess, went to the park, went to gym or music class. I was never the one that cut in line but seeing my classmates get sent to the back of the line because they cut in front of the 25 suckers in front of someone reminds me of your wife's experience. Well we are in sixth grade now and we know how to wait our turn and not to cut in line. Perhaps one day your wife will learn the same thing.

Till then you are doing Costco a great favour by not shopping with them. They don't need to act like second grade teachers to those that should know better.


You should be arrested for marring a 12 year old. That is the exact age your wife was acting, cutting in line, tearing up the receipt.

Your wife was the one acting like ***. You get treated the way you act.