Placerville, California

This is not a complaint but a balancing statement. I'm on my third set of Costco hearing aids and getting ready to buy the fourth pair (for $3000).

My first audiologist retired, second one transferred and I dumped the 3rd because she didn't listen (ironic) and went to a different Costco. The audiologist there is great, works hard to adjust the aids to my hearing needs and makes sure I'm taking advantage of all the perks.

Audiologists are not all equally competent, whether it's Costco or someplace else. Find one that will take care of you and focus on what works best for you and not what the charts tell them to do.

Reason of review: Good customer service.

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In most cases hearing aid dispensers do a better job fitting aids BECAUSE that's all they do. Audiologists get a lot of training on everything audiology and usually don't have as much training in hearing aids


so your buying your forth set? in how many years?

a set should last 3-5 years on average.IF your hearing changes, the fit changes, or you just want newer technology then look into new ones.

so 4 sets 3k each.. wow what a deal you got


Are you sure they were ALL Audiologists? They would have to have a M.A.

or Au.D.

after their name to be. Most CostCo & Sams dispensers are dealers

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