Poway, California

I had my Chevy Silverado Truck washed at the Poway, Ca Costco car wash. Drove home after car wash and the next morning I notice scratches on and off done the side of my Truck (top of bed).

The evening after work I went back and filed a report and the Manager took photo's and apologized for the issue. Two days later their claims dept took the report call me and said we will look in to the issue and get back. Few days later they called and said we could find no reason for the scratches and the machine would not line up to cause damage in that area. WTF, it cleans the whole car and that is all they can say.

I told the guy it would cost less than a 100.00 to buff the car and I would be happy with that and he said we are declining your issue. Not a problem with our car wash... Bull ***...Stand up Costco and be responsible.

Take picture before you go in and out with the date / time stamps. DO NOT USE CAR WASH !!!!!!!!

Monetary Loss: $100.

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Have used this car wash probably 50 times on my Tacoma and my Lexus. Never had a problem.

I drive into the lot after the wash and clean water spots with a towel on door sills, trunk edges and tires, etc. Takes about 3 minutes. Wish it was closer to my home.

I think his scratches came from another time and another source. Love the car wash and all of Costco house brands.


Look at it from their point of view... Why the *** would they believe you?

You know how many people try to come up with ways to get money, or be compensated for things they don't deserve? Who's to say you didn't already have those scratches, or got them before or after the car wash? Not saying you're lying, but you do lack credibility from their perspective.

They do bend over backwards for their members most of the time. If something were really wrong with their car wash, then there would be plenty of others who would have the same issue you have.




Uhm, it's not the stores problem that someone else dented your car.

Report it to insurance and get it fixed.

Costco's insurance won't cover you.


I had my car washed there for the first time today. Should have listened to my gut, I always get a hands ash but thought its Costco, I trust them to have quality service.

Noticed this evening a large, swirl patterned scratch on my passenger door-very unhappy.

Car is 2013 Lexus and won't be cheap to buff out. Will be talking to manager in the morning but don't know how to prove it was their machine!!?

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