West Sacramento, California

Every year my family purchases 4 passes to Universal hollywood studios. we got our new ones for this year in December and decided to go to Universal April 15, 2014, but we noticed the tickets have expired for 1st time use..

Costco litarly told me that you are screwed and lost $400 ... I was UPSET, Universal told me that Costco purchased these ticket in June, 2013 and was sold to us in December...

That showes that Costco sold us expired tickets.. I have been a member with Costco for years and have been a loyal customer, from them to screw us over like this and dissapointed my children is just UPSETTING..this is not fair as you are cheating ppl out..

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It says on the front for year 2013, not 2014

Learn how to read


You "litarly" should read the fine print before buying things.

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