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This lady i think her name was charlie if i remember right. Was rude when asked where something was gave me a hateful additude.

Made me want to just walk out and never come back she was inconcederite ***. Shes lucky my wife didnt knock her *** out.

We walked around a little bit and found nothing we actully needed and we walked past this charlie lady and she gave the go to *** look i had to hold my wife back from beating her ***. Shes rude she needs to be taught in customer service qnd needs to learn how to fold cloths and quit day dreaming and quit being {{Redacted}}

Product or Service Mentioned: Costco Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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You and your wife sound like pieces of ***.whom think uou are entitled to something. I tell you what. Next time you wanna start some crap push up on charli and when she cuts your face with a box cutter for being a p@$$¥, it will serve you right.


Sounds like YOUR attitude was the problem, not hers. Check it out.


Some of the people who work in this store here in Utah are not only rude, but need to grow some intellectual brains on how to treat people. Some who work there have no manners, and are no doubt thugs who landed a job at there store.

We have quit shopping at there. PLUS--- they have stalkers walking around cause deliberate problems!


How are they stalkers if you claimed they ignored you ?

Go get a life you hair triggered snowflake.. Better yet go get hooked on pjonics and learn to spell

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