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I tried to post a 3-star review, and after taking the time to write the review, Costco told me "an error occurred" and wouldn't let me post. "Focus must be on product not shipping or customer service.

For those issues, please contact Customer Service.") Sorry, but these are primary aspects of the purchase experience and you cannot get the product without going through the drudgery described here. I tried several times to post it. Now I know that Costco prevents certain comments, I will not trust their reviews in the end."

I'm sorry I purchased my new KitchenAid dishwasher from Costco. ("KitchenAid Front Control Dishwasher with ProWash Cycle, Durable Stainless Steel Interior in PrintShield Finish" No model # provided, of course)

I want to warn others.


I'm sorry I purchased this dishwasher from Costco.

There were a number of problems:

1) It took weeks before I received a call for from third party delivery service. On the call they said I had to make sure to disconnect and pull out the dishwasher before they arrived. I said, "What if I can't do that myself?" They said, "Sorry, m'am. We cannot do that for you and we do not offer that service.

I can cancel the order, if you like."

2) The scheduled delivery date was later than original estimate. They were booked up, so I had to wait an additional week to get it.

3) Dishwasher day finally arrives. I get a 4 hour estimate. They finally show up at the end of that time to start the install.

4) Delivery guys took it out of the box, but could not install it even though I did pull out the old dw.

My old dishwasher was "hard wired," so there was nothing for me to unplug. They said they aren't allowed to touch either the old dishwasher or the new one. "It was in the fine print" on the Costco website. I interpreted it as having done my duty sliding out the old dishwasher; apparently not.

5) They said I could refuse delivery, but I already had several weeks without a dishwasher and figured my husband could figure it out.

They couldn't move the old one, either. So I had 2 dishwashers standing in my kitchen. I asked them how many times they have this problem. "Only with Costco.

It's about 95% of the time."

6) It took an hour for my husband to set up the new dishwasher. I didn't think the instructions were easy, nor could I have turned the dishwasher upside down myself, per the instructions. It definitely looked simple in concept.

7) Finally up and running, I realized I couldn't see the tiny gray push button text on the gray background in the shadow of the handle indent. Bad design.

8) Dishwasher seemed quiet at first, but at times had a stressful-sounding high-pitched hum.

Cycle ran for ~3-4 hours (normal these days, unfortunately).

Another company had the exact same dishwasher for the exact same piece. Costco's warranty is better, but after going through all of this, I wish I had known the tradeoffs.

Our old dishwasher was much quieter--Kenmore Elite (made by Whirlpool). Buttons were hidden on top, but MUCH easier to read the white-on-black text facing toward ceiling light. Trying to decide whether I'm going to keep this one.

I'm not happy with the dishwasher and not happy with Costco. The delivery guys were very nice.

I think they're used to frustrated customers by now, but no one's doing anything to fix the situation. BTW, if I had done what they suggested and hired an electrician, it would have cost me ~$200 extra to install this dishwasher.

Reason of review: Multiple: Delivery, lack of setup/install, loud, unable to offer honest feedback.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Costco Pros: Normally a great value with excellent return policy, Workers there seem happy, Good for large quantity purchases, Extended warranty using costco credit card.

Costco Cons: Hassle to go there, Parking in enormous parking lot, Lots of walking required just to do something simple, Concrete floors hurt my back, Does not offer delivery - only third party options.

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Sounds like you should have done more research BEFORE purchase.

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