Edison, New Jersey

Today I was in Costco with my wife who was looking for a swim suit and I waiting on the side when suddenly a store associate named Miriam ordered me, "You have to pick these up, pointing to all the swim suits that had fallen on the floor." I was taken aback and asked her that I need to speak to her manager when she disappeared. Another store employee, Jagjit, brought the store manager, Dennis, to me who apologized for her behavior, but although I insisted that he should have Miriam apologize to me he never made Miriam apologize to me.

I was a member of Sam's Club for almost two decades and only about two weeks ago I became a member of Costco to put up with this kind of abuse for no fault of mine? I think I made a grave mistake by becoming a Costco member. To top this experience, another shopper there told us that she used to shop in New York in Costco and the staff there was really courteous but the Edison Costco has the worst and the most rude staff of all Costco locations.

They are actually really notorious for their service. Is there anything you can do to improve the shopper's experience at Edison Costco for the better or you rather lose your members to employees like Miriam?

Product or Service Mentioned: Costco Manager.

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The OP said he was waiting on the side while his wife looked at swimsuits. He does not say anything in his letter to make me think he made the mess.

No doubt the mess was a result of many different browsing customers. The employee's behavior was beyond inappropriate. I just read yesterday that Costco is considered a top employer.

No doubt, there are many waiting to take this person's job who can do a better job.

To the OP: the manager personally apologized, so please, get over it. The employee cannot be made to apologize and you don't know know (that is private) what action was taken against her by the manager, as a result of her actions.


Oh God...get over yourself...if you caused the items to fall to the floor then maybe you should've 'tried' to at least put some of them back as a gesture of goodwill. I'm sure Miriam would've handled the situation differently at that point had you tried.


You made a huge mess.

You are pretty much just a spoiled *** who expects everyone to fawn over her.

No. Just no.


You are sooo right sir, I mean just hooow rude it was for an associate to ask if you could pick up YOUR mess...OMG I would be so upset....or would just get over it.


Dude cry to your wife. You're what's wrong with UHMERICA.

SHUT UP. Crybaby.



Waaaaaa. You had to clean up after yourself? I'm sick thinking the are douches on earth that get all upset because they were asked to pick up what you drop!!


If your wife can't try on clothes without making a mess maybe she should shop online.


She asked you to pick up the swimsuits that you dropped. Maybe you shouldn't be so sensitive?

I don't get the "grave mistake" you made.

Maybe you should hire someone to do your shopping errands for you if you're going to whine for no reason.

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