Halifax, Nova Scotia
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I just had a 100 lb tank filled at the St Johns nl store.when i went to put it in the back of my truck,i wasnt allowed,but in the next vehicle to me was a handycapped man who had 5 50lb tanks loaded on his van by one of costco employees i will never shop costco for propane again.this really pissed me off.the staff were very obliging, but we can,t understand why this man could get away with this,its just not right. we drove 25 miles to get there and there was no signage to tell us about their rules.

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It's regulation in Canada that any 100lb propane tanks must be transported in an open-back vehicle. There is no regulation on how many 20lb propane tanks can be transported.

You're a cry baby. Grow up. Call ahead. Take responsibility for your on actions.

Good on Costco for not letting you drive away as it would have been illegal. And good on them for helping the physically disabled gentleman.


Never mind on the stuck valve question. I see the government mandated "safety" valves to prevent me from using my propane.


What a world we live in. I can type pissed but stoopid is censored.


Wow, what an interesting site. Pissed because you're not following reasonable safety guidelines and too *** to ask about them?!

But since someone replied, I'll ask here. I filled 3 20lb propane tanks at Costco for the 1st time and I'm not sure what they did to them. I can no longer open the valves by hand.

One brand new one, from Costco, I had to use a hammer and screwdriver to open the valve it was so tight. I just ran out and swapped to a couple year old tank and it took me 30 minutes to open the valve on the next tank. I finally had to use a large pipe wrench and a hammer and I can't tell whether the valve is open or closed. I can't move the valve with my hand even after loosened because the *** is so tight.

I checked the fill screw, if that's what it's called, and it is loose to a screwdriver. Adjusting it did nothing to the tightness of the vavle. Does anyone know what's wrong or how I can fix them so I can open/close them by hand? I'd prefer not to use a hammer, ok it was a rubber mallet, on propane. :)


your 100 propane tank must be transported upright and you wanted to lay it down because you have a lot to do and didn't think it would matter to drive around town with a loaded pressurized rocket rolling around your vehiclehis 25lb tanks could be transported

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