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Two years ago, I tried to replace 4 COSTCO tires at etobicoke COSTCO Tire centre but they refused the service because my rims are aftrmarket and they didn't have special tools also they did not touch any aftermarket rims. But I didn't giveup. I went to Missisauga COSTCO TireCentre, They replaced my 4 tires to COSTCO Tires with "no problem". I don't know how to appliciate thier great service.

Six month ago, I tried to get tire rotate my COSTCO Tire as COSTCO service manual (10,000km) at Etobicoke COSTCO Tire Centre. They said my tires are worn out only 1mm and ask me visit them again when next oil change.

Yesterday (Jan. 7. 2011), I tried to get tire rotation and engin oil change. They only changed engin oil but refused tire rotation service because my rims are aftrmarket and they didn't have special tools also they did not touch aftermarket rims as COSTCO POLICY. Also They said Mississauga COSTCO got against COSTCO Policy (It was illigal), they SHOULD NOT HAVE that kind of tools and SOULD NOT TOUCH aftermarket Rims as the COSTCO POLICY. Also when they explained the situation, There was ONLY Thier ASSERT, Sound like "We do not carry out of your car anymore at ETOBICOKE Tire CENTER". Also, I ask them "Even small car repair shop can rotate my tires, why you can't " , Here was their attitude "hey, hey, hey, LISTEN...brabrabra, Understand my english"

" If you want to get tire rotation, bring your car to Mississauga Costco" "That's it, Do not ask me again". I really wonder whether if I got a big mistake for my right (customer service) as COSTCO Member or not.

On Jan.11. 2011, I went to small car repair shop for tire rotation, I got a such great service which the big company Etobicke

COSTCO has not. It took 10 minutes and I paid 25$. I could not go to MISSISSAUGA COSTCO for free tire rotation, because it is far from my home.

I GOT NIGHTMARE with THIER TERRIBLE SERVICE at ETOBICOKE COSTCO TIRE CENTRE. I will share this information to everywhere, make known publicly.

Monetary Loss: $700.

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The story Written by "manager of a tire center" is so funny. I remember the mean guy was manager who maybe still working at etobicoke costco.

I just say the mississauga costco tire center still offer very nice service than etobicoke one.

I can say the etobicoke costco tire center service is still terrible. :(


sorry to hear about negative experience, but every business has bad 1 or two employees. i would hope you give the store manager the oppertunity of hearing about your experience customer service wise.

i know for a fact that anyone can rotate tires under 20 mis with right tools, but at what quality and concern for your safety today and tomorrow? service under 15 mins?

but one cross treaded bolt will cost you time and repair bill over 100.0.

when it comes to balancing, ask to see the machince balance out to zero? some shops have print out, others will show you the screen before your tire is taken off.


I agree totally with these comments on the Etobicoke Costco Tire Centre. Purchased a new set of tires last summer; got nothing but attitude.

Rude, unhelpful, and downright arrogant. I walked out feeling they had done me a favour for my purchase. The balancing was horrible; ended up having to pay someone elsewhere to do the job properly. Etobicoke store is generally great, with terrific staff.

It's too bad that the Tire Centre has to blemish the reputation of the entire store. Shocks me that they're still in business, and that heads haven't rolled.

Smarten up Costco; get some quality staff in that Tire Centre! I expect at least to be respected as a customer after dropping $800 on tires.


I am totally agried with comment #3.


I just want to say for You cry too much "Nobody thinks so but you" it is puerility.


I do not want this kind of comments which is writen by someone who works at costco company.


Instead of doing that, just jack up your car and rotate them yourself = free.

Also learn how to write properly.