Edgewood, Maryland
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I am placing a complaint on Costco store 214. I shop there all the time with my husband.

We were in line getting ready to pay with my husband and one year old daughter and she had an accident I gave my husband my card and told him I'd be right back, by the time I was back a lady by the name of giftie at that location aggressively yelled at my husband and told him he could not purchase our items because I was not there but he had told the cashier I was on my way there.

Giftie was very rude and arrogant as well as disrespectful to me and my husband, she embarrassed uus by saying out loud that there was nothing we could do about her attitude and laughed at us. we demanded to speak to her superior and she said she was the superior when she clearly wasent after that a manager came and apologized for the incident but said nothing to her .they have lost our willing to shop there she was so unproffesional and RUDE.

Product or Service Mentioned: Costco Cashier.

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I too think your story is bs. I have been shopping for many years and have never been spoken to in that manner.

So I think you are not telling the whole story. I can not believe any normal person would have that attitude.

She may have been upset that your daughter messed around the counter. Did you cleam up after her or did you leave it for the store to clean up.


I work at Costco ans that would never happen. We are not supposed to let people use other peoples cards but a supervisor can over turn that and if they see then your husband would be able to use your card. So I call BS on your story.

@Costco Employee

BS! You have made this up or else it is a very exaggerated version of the actual event:/ Besides, managers should never correct employees in front of customers so you do not know that there was no disciplinary action.

Costco does not allow others to use a members' card. Would you prefer that they did?

Then millions of non-members would be able to go there without a membership thereby forcing Costco to increase its prices.


That makes absolutely no sense. If more people shop at Costco they will have to increase their prices?

You think the once a year sub charge is what keeps that company in Fortune 500? Boy that kool aid must be good.


You don't know that nothing was said to the cashier. The proper place for a manager to do so, wouldn't be where everybody could see it, but to have her meet him in the office or someplace where it would be private.