Valencia, California
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After spending a long time composing a complaint over bad customer service that led to major embarrassment and listing all the things that took place during a recent unpleasant visit to their Irvine location their computer system told me it could not handle the message at this time and erased all my work.

Making the way they handle service problems even worse.Rather then try to retype all this over and hope it would reach the right people.

It will be much easier to just shop some where else and warn others of the impending problem. in other words buyer beware.

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dear help others.....I would love to get in your face putz....this was a whinney post...and I would love to kick you in the sak, you self righteous ***.


i agree Costco customer service sucks and by the way u suck 2.


I strongly disagree. Costco has among the best customer service in America.

I do not understand the issue you had. Costco treats their members better than any company in America treats their customers. This is from experience.

Costco is a fantastic company that is extremely cognizant of the importance of excellent customer service. I have been shopping at Costco for years and find them to be superb in all aspects of the purchasing experience.


You obviously work for Costco. They have terrible customer service and it is frustrating to get any justice if anything happens to you.

If you have had good experiences with them then you are fortunate. What an *** telling people they are wrong after they have been mistreated. Look for any place to file a complain and you will see that your options are limited at best. You have compassion for no one but yourself.

Pompous ***, and I don't know the person who is complaining, only your idiotic answer.

If you were here in front of me I would punch your face. ***....


I agree Costco employees think they are above their customers. Costco will louse out to Sams as their customer service is much better. Costco's employees are very bad.


Sam's club ? you must shop at a very different one than me.