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I went to Costco in Union City, California two days ago. I felt dizzy, so I had to take my medicine (Meclizine) right away to avoid the vertigo coming.I needed water.

I went to the Pharmacy walking slowly as I was feeling safe pushing the cart. I was able to get some water. I called my husband up to come and get me. I waited for him sitting there.

I couldn't stand up, I couldn't even explain what was going on to anybody. The cashier at the pharmacist realized I wasn't feeling well. When my husband came, I needed a wheelchair. Terrible service!

There was no wheelchair. The cashier tried to reach the manager, and never came . They brought us an office chair. We tried , but it made me feel really dizzy.

I felt terrible! My husband asked for the sore manager again; never showed up. You won't believe but nobody helped us. Nobody really cared.

The manager never showed up. There was an emergency exit next to the chair where I was sitting on, so my husband wanted the manager to authorize the opening of this door, so he would bring our car next to it. That way it would have been easy for me to leave and be safe. But, as I said, it was totally incredible that nobody was able to help us.

It was an emergency situation. I didn't need 911 just for a wheelchair. I needed the manager to handle an emergency situation. We needed help badly, and the only help we got was the employee pushing me on an office chair with 5 small wheels, unable to move myself straight, and making me feel a vertigo instead.

Awful! So, my husband decided to take me out on a grocery cart. I don't know what he exactly did, but I left the store sitting on that cart......and still, nobody cared. Who was in charge of the Union City Costco store last Tuesdaay , August 26 2014?

Whoever was in charge, doesn't deserve to be in that position. That position requires responsibility and care for the customers.

The proof? The pharmacist, the employee, the cashiers of the pharmacist.

Product or Service Mentioned: Costco Cashier.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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I don't understand why you people kept wanting a retail manager to come to your aid when an EMT is what you needed! Why didn't your husband call 911?


Try working there will having vertigo..


Normally they call first aid attendants and they have a wheelchair for emergency use only I wonder why the first aid was never called for you. The manager doesn't have to come to such situations .


If it was an emergency you should have called 911, you know the number specifically for emergencies. You think the manager of a big box retail store is an EMT? What exatlly were these people supposed to do for you?