Lake Forest, California
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Ten minutes late for an eye appointment and they would not see me. They lost a customer for life.

The worst part is that they could not have cared less. I went to an optometrist closer to home and I got treated like gold. Someone else was late and they were seen, and I waited a couple of minutes. No big deal.

Remember at Costco you are just a number, which is why they assign you one.

I know that the optometrists do not work for Costco, but they are associated with the store chain, and they have to live up to the Costco standards of customer service.

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Not a Costco employee.. Eye doc and staff are not employees



That is what you are. Your time is no more valuable than the other customers and the doctor.

Arrive on time, the world does not revolve around you. Sorry if you don't like the truth.


The optometrist has a job to do and other appointments to keep beside yours, 'your highness #34300800280317695.' When you're late you waste the Doctor's time as well as the time of those who made it on time for their appointments after you. Obviously, your argument is invalid.

Headaches have a number too ya know..

Excedrine in bulk helps me with people like you. Thanks Costco.


a watch. get one. don't blame a company because you can't manage to show up on time


"being late is a fact of life" So when you're late to work, you don't get fired? When you're late to the restauraunt, they aren't closed?

When you're late for a date, you get another one? Being late is a mental illness. It's something that conceided, ignorant, self absorbed people do. I'm never late.

Ever. Its rude, unprofessional, and dissrespectful You are an ignorant ***.

I'm glad Costco didn't serve you. I like Costco.


being late is a fact of life, maybe you missed the point? What has that to do with respect?

How you handle things in a customer service industry is the measure of your worth. It was handled poorly since I went elsewhere.


When you're late it is an inconvenience to the other customers that arrived

on time but now have to put their lives on hold because you can't get to your appointment on time. I wish that more businesses had this policy.


Being late, you showed no respect for the optometrist. Be on time.