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How dare a commercial company bow to political pressure. You ARE NOT here to tell people what they can read. The same freedom you have WE THE PEOPLE have. I boycott Costco and will encourage everyone to do the same! Sam 's Club will be my recommended place to shop. ...
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One fed up American 123

I am not a member of CostcoAnd after this disgraceful display of anti Americanism I certainly will never be one.I can only assume that CostcoWas created by intelligence,hardwo...


It's called sales. Clinton's book sells 4x more in that store than the America book, including a day where it sold 1000 copies in just ONE store, giving them around a 12,000 d...

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Dear Costco, On behalf of many unhappy costumers, today I witnessed and was also part of one of your employees discriminating against different individuals. The guy who was discriminating against these indivduals working around 3:30 giving out samples of some type of...
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So it was an African American only giving out to certain people? That's sounds racist and yes, the people handing out food do not work Costco.....

Costco Employee

Costco is not a restaurant so don't feel too bad.

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No issues with COSTCO!! I have had a couple different products out of many that I needed to return for some reason or the product was inferior. The return process was amazing. No questions asked - they knew immediately when I had purchased the items and did not...
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