I am continuously amazed at the level of abuse Costco dishes out to its customers and yet they seem oblivious to all the evidence that this corporation has nothing but contempt for its customers. Over the last seven years of shopping there I have been amazed at the constant downsizing of products, deceptive repackaging schemes, and lowering of quality of all food items in the store.

All as the backdrop for relentless raising of prices to boot. Years ago the quality of meat was very good to excellent, at a price, but the pork chops now have a mildly soapy flavor, the boneless chicken has numerous bone slivers and pieces in it making it imperative to chew very carefully to avoid swallowing and possible medical consequences. The ground beef and Bison has been cut with so much liquid it is squishy when squeezing the package and causes bowel and intestinal problems to boot. Also the Costco prepared food items on site like tuna salad ,chicken soup and others have often caused cramping and other problems soon after eating.

In looking at the ingredients to try to determine what could be causing the problems one is struck by the sheer number of unpronounceable chemical ingredients in these items, especially all the baked goods. I see the worst oils, all hydrogenated types, etc. No wonder there is a basic crisis in health and of course Health care in this country.

I can't believe how many of the non food items I purchased over the years (no doubt made in China) which seemed a good price at the time lasted a matter of weeks before stopping working or broke prematurely and in some cases were not fit for the intended use and thrown away almost immediately.

The clothes, which used to be high quality for the price are almost all super thin, see through 100% percent polyester *** that look horrible after the first washing and literally have to be tossed after not many more. Also, I have caught many items either out of date or close to expiration....many, and I check that before buying food items now. The repackaging and downsizing of amounts has really been breathtaking over the last 18 months; the amount of deception being practiced is shocking. To me, all of this (I could go on longer) is simply evidence of a corporate chain with nothing but contempt for the intelligence of its customer base it is remarkable so many people continue shopping there.

I used to spend 250 to 300 dollars on trips there, but I have found better prices and far higher quality at competing stores in my area on many many items and now go to Costco infrequently and spend little. Finally his will be my last year of spending 55 dollars a year for the "privilege" of shopping at this scheming, arrogant and conscienceless retailer.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Costco is declining as relates to value.


Ever since the new CEO, W. Craig Jelinek, took from James Sinegal the quality of a lot of items has gone way down.

As mentioned by the other posts, the meat used to be good no matter the cut. Then a few years ago they introduce "prime" and "choice" selection. "Choice" is terrible, it would be tough and tasteless; so I would buy prime. But then that became poor quality where it seemed they were labeling the meat as prime but it was actually choice.

Now I don't even consider buying meat from Costco.

Also they keep changing brands and selection that it's not worth getting anything there.

I just go for the basics like paper towels and toilet tissues, otherwise I don't buy anything else. I suppose it's a good thing because it saves me a lot of money.


Funny, I stumbled into this website about declining quality at Costco about me constantly griping to my boyfriend that the quality of the items, especially the clothing has drastically gone down hill the last 18 months - almost 2 years in particular. December 2014 he bought me a beautiful and tasteful diamond ring from there through the online catalog.

Just got a recent online catalog with three of the tackiest pieces of diamond jewelry I've ever seen! Just scanning a glance over the clothing now stocked at the store makes me cringe. UGLY clothing and VERY CHEAP. They used to stock designer clothing, at discounted prices that again, was tasteful.

Agree with other comment, store seems to be going in the direction of Walmart, and stocking clothing produced in China, and when they have the so called "designer" stuff they are "cheap bottom of the barrel" designer stuff. I have also notice drastic shifts in the demographics of people that shop at the one I have shopped at for years. Many new employees at the store I've shopped at for years that don't seem to know what they are doing. Running out of rotisserie chicken during the dinner hour, REALLY?

The floor manager completely oblivious to the fact that the sign said they stocked a particular size of a shirt we have bought previously there, and said that their store must not stock it, to which I replied, yes they have before because I've bought them there before. Asked if they were out of sharpie markers that were on sale, but apparently someone hadn't gotten around to stocking them out on the floor.

I've just shifted my buying habits spending most of my "warehouse" dollars to their biggest competitor right down the street. Just bought tires from them that I was quoted same exact tires at Costco for $59 more for a set of 4.....Michelins.......Weird a lot of this seems to coincide with Costco's announcement to discontinue their credit card partnership with American Express??????


The big red delicious apples are tasteless...The filet Mignon with bacon wrap around are not real filet Mignon meat....rubbery and tasteless meat....Stay away....Yes, the quality of their products has definitely gone down....and when they have a good product they switch it for their Kirkland brand and imitate the packaging....don't get fooled!!!!


Ground Beef is now yucky (used be good and tasty)

Socks wear out after a few weeks (used to last for months)

Clerks are rude and treat you like they are doing you a favor (used to be nice clerks)

Services are over priced (used to be the best deal in town).

I could go on and on.. but Costco sux.. I quit my membership and shop elsewhere now.


Strange. This has not been my experience.

Costco has been building more warehouses and increasing profits.

Other retailers not so much.


Just came home from a trip to Costco and had the same observation. There's been a serious reduction in the variety of products offered.

It's really not worth the membership cost anymore. Even though I had noticed the decline I renewed my membership and have regretted that decision ever since.

Charging a membership fee to shop there is a joke. Don't do it.