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Being that Costco is such a large company, one would think that their business executives would have some sort of brains. Well, in my case that proved to be false.

Costco could help their sales by offering day passes to those who do not have a membership. You figure if they like it they will get a membership. Worst comes to worst, they spent a few bucks in the store as well as money for the day pass. But this is my story...

I went to the Costco in Robinson Township in Pittsburgh PA. It's right down the hill from the mall. My mother, who has a full time job, was busy working. I am 16 and can drive myself.

I took my sister (age 18) and a friend (age 17) to go pick up Pizza Bagels for lunch. The minute I walked in the lady asked if it was my parents card. I informed her that it was and that my mother was busy working and I just needed Pizza Bagels. She called the manager who kindly let me in but made it clear I was never to do it again.

That's fine.. when my mother is busy working and cannot go spend money there I will not go next time. If they do not want my money, they won't get it. The idiocy of Costco is beyond me.

I'm only 16 yet I'm wise enough to see the ignorance of a large company. They truly need to get their *** together.

If I'm mature enough to drive a car putting my life and others at risk. I think I'm mature enough to come into your cheap *** grocery store to get food.

Product or Service Mentioned: Costco Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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The membership agreement clearly states that the membership applies only to the member. It's not transferable and is not a family card of some sort.

The membership agreement that your parents voluntarily signed also states that no one under 18 can be in the warehouse without an adult member.

Teens aren't supposed to come in with their parents' card to get anything, and you're lucky they bent the rules for you. Instead of acing entitled, how about being grateful that they gave you a break?


You are a pain in the ***!

The manager let you in and bent the rules for you and yet you are complaining about costco. Next time I hope they throw u out