Toronto, Ontario

Took in my eyeglasses to get lenses and 2 weeks later the optical says the frames are broken with no possibility of repair. The guy there, who has yet to apologize, says he would refund the money for the lens???

What about the frames? He says that's the risk you take when you bring your own frames in.

First of all, this was not communicated when the NEW frames were dropped off, secondly refunding me for the lenses is not considered compensation when I never had possession of the lenses. This guy sounded half asleep when he finally got back to me after several phone calls and was totally nonchalant about the whole situation.

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I just received a call Costco broke my Baby phat eyeglass frames I had purchased there 4 years ago. They no longer handle that line of glass frames and said for me to come pick out some frames they have.

I had looked at there frames that could not compare to my Baby phat frames thus decided to have my new prescription put into my own frames.

It is hard for me to understand why an optical shop is unable to repair those frames and/ or be responsible for replacing them from the same manufacturer. Not happy about this situation.


speak with the optical manager about your concern. If that fails, that individual has a manager that you should ask to speak with if you don't get a sufficient resolution.

Costco prides themselves on taking care of people who shop there. just be level headed and calm and i have no doubt you'll get a positive solution!