I am upset because Costco has chosen to take the path of caving into the minority at the expense of the majority.

By selling Halal meats you are automatically offending the vast number of Americans that deem this offensive.

Is there not a venue for the Muslims to buy at their own stores that will cater to their religion or must the rest of us just accept this is the New America?

Most of us have religious beliefs far removed from this--we don't count???

I have been a satisfied customer but this has reallly disturbed me so may have to rethink my membership status.

Thank you.

Thank you

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Get a life. Super happy to hear that Costco sells halal meat. Economically it just makes sense: they’re opening their potential market to a number of restaurants that may cater to those who eat halal.


You are not considered an American, bc American are well known for their open mindedness and their greatness. So your opinion doesn't count and you don't have the right to tell anyone to go to their country.

You are talking about first amendment "freedom of speech" while you keep a blind eye on "freedom of religion". What an irony. But it is expected from an ignorant like you.Just go to your couch and drink some more beer. I won't waste my breath telling you to get educated bc you are not capable.

Costco is run by smart individuals. Not some dummies like.

to Molly #1504127

Remember what religion is responsible for 9/11, and other crazy things, in the name of some fake God. It's you, who is clueless. If you went to college, ask for your money back.

to Anonymous #1514820

I get a feeling that you might of gone to college but didn't really learn anything to open your mind to the vast world beyond your picked fence. Also you seem to be religious, therefore if you are presuming that Muslims are praying to a false god then you are presuming that all Abrahamic religions are praying to a false god. Do your research, and don't just blindly follow what ever you see/hear.

to Anonymous #1518786

Who is responsible for all of the attacks while screaming Allah Akbar? Get a clue, a life, and return to your own country. You are not welcome here.


If you are that worried about having foreign food in America, maybe you should of stayed in your own country, America is not going to bow down, and cater to you. This is America, not the Middle East, deal with it.


Have fun with your fake religion.


Costco has Kosher meat as well? Is there anything wrong with the meat? Is Halal meat not meat?


I eat pork, and have no problem with it. There is nothing wrong with eating pork, stop believing in fairy tales.


Absolutely sick person. Mind you're own damn business so you won't be offended


Halal and Kosher are the similar things. Are you offended by Kosher things too? Does the religious certification your dead meat holds matter?


For those questioning halal I would fully recommend all people of the faith to eat this meat , since there is a practice which dementeds to observe health and humane code of slaughtering animals. Most sloghter house keeps blood inside to gain on weight and get more profit.

Blood is not recommended by Torah , Old Testament, New Testament, Bible and Quran. Read educate


"May have to 'rethink' your membership"? Really?

Sounds like a no brainer to me. Cancel and don't look back.

Stand up for what you believe in! I did!!


I am American, my husband is Lebanese. First of all you are very ignorant.

For meat to be halal, it is cut in a way so the animal doesn't suffer. To be honest, I don't see what the problem with that is. If anything we should be greatful for that. You should watch how farms and factories kill these poor animals.

It's honestly the saddest thing. Second, the comment about "a venue where Muslims can go to cater to their own needs" you are a racist and a complete trump supporter. You would be surprised the amount of non-arabic/non-muslims that go to these stores to get food.

Because honestly it's AMAZING. Stop being so ignorant and selfish, I feel really sorry for you.


I’m upset that you’re so racist and uneducated. How sad of a life you live.

And in such a bubble. Get educated.

to Annie #1411772

I'm upset that these worthless scumbags are still in America. Remember 9/11, and all of the other attacks in America? Clearly YOU are the one that's uneducated, and uninformed!

to Anonymous #1449377

I had no idea that all of the hundreds of thousands of Muslims in this country were in on 9/11. Yow! I'm just as surprised by that as when I found out every Texan was complicity in the JFK assassination!

to Anonymous #1486596

Halal and Kosher are the similar things. Are you offended by Kosher things too? Does the religious certification your dead meat holds matter?

to Anonymous #1497985



In the UK, the native Brits have caved in and most places just sell Halal meat. It is disturbing.

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