Dallas, Texas

I am upset because Costco has chosen to take the path of caving into the minority at the expense of the majority.

By selling Halal meats you are automatically offending the vast number of Americans that deem this offensive.

Is there not a venue for the Muslims to buy at their own stores that will cater to their religion or must the rest of us just accept this is the New America?

Most of us have religious beliefs far removed from this--we don't count???

I have been a satisfied customer but this has reallly disturbed me so may have to rethink my membership status.

Thank you.

Thank you

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It’s encourage hate


Halal meat is tastier Blood in meat makes it more susceptible to putrefaction and also negatively impacts taste. Halal meat is not only healthier, it is also more tender and tastes better because it stays fresh longer due to the absence of blood, making it resistant to bacteria.


It is not healthier. If it dropped on the floor they just pick it up.

They have their own inspectors and they have been sighted for rats and bugs it is extremely unhealthy . I don't know where you are getting your information from


Just don’t buy it lol ignorance is real... wow


I agree. I'm fed up with the tiniest sticker on the back to state this.

There should be larger signage.

Safeway (who bought Albertson's in Coloroad) is also guilty of the same thing. Meat tastes watered down.




Racist s o b


Very disturbing racist review.


It's got nothing to do with racisim. I don't appreciate the way the animal is slaugtered for it to be sold as Halal. Go learn your facts first.


It’s actually the healthiest way ... have you seen how they kill the animals in America ?

Do you scientifically know the reasons behind why slaughtering the animals this way is actually the best , or even why it is disgusting to eat pork?

Do your research seriously. I’m not even Muslim and I know this


I buy my lamb from a local farmer that uses humane methods. I have done my research thanks.

I don't eat much pork, but if I did purchase I buy from a local farmer and fully aware of the way the pig is killed. I'm agnostic so religion plays not part in my decision making.


*** off, xenophobe.


What is your problem of Costco selling halal or kosher meat? They are not pig products which is far more nasty.


Because of the way they slaughter the animals for Halal. They can sell what they like, however, they do a poor job of displaying it as Halal, the sticker is ridicously tiny.


Eat a *** bro.


Yes! I’ve discovered this and have bought and loved their lamb for years.

I will NEVER buy Halal from Costco!! I’m pissed too!


One of those people that need help... Don’t think Costco needs Customers like you.


In your opinion, should Costco or other grocery stores stop selling Kosher meat too?


They can sell what they like, however, those that don't want to eat animals due to slaughter methods (Halal) should be made aware of what they display to sell; have a larger sign in the meat case instead of the small sticker, typically on the back of the meat package not on the front.


So taking a small space in a big warehouse to cater to needs of minority is offensive?? Dude u need to grow up!!u should be pissed at ur own thoughts.. Clearly the vast "majority" of the Americans need to disown u!!