Dallas, Texas
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I am upset because Costco has chosen to take the path of caving into the minority at the expense of the majority.

By selling Halal meats you are automatically offending the vast number of Americans that deem this offensive.

Is there not a venue for the Muslims to buy at their own stores that will cater to their religion or must the rest of us just accept this is the New America?

Most of us have religious beliefs far removed from this--we don't count???

I have been a satisfied customer but this has reallly disturbed me so may have to rethink my membership status.

Thank you.

Thank you

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Kansas City, Missouri, United States #1298141

I think u r just *** racist customer and who gave a *** if u dont buy anything from costco . And yes u better accept the reality this is new America.

Proud yo be muslim and proud to be American and I support costco.

Houston, Texas, United States #1281304

Really, where is the problem?

Atlanta, Georgia, United States #1272326

Halal meat is just like any other meat, the only difference is the way its being slaughtered, which is had to be by a moslem.

It will taste the same and will have the same nutritions, and even in fact it is healthier (and sometimes cheaper, that's why its a good business).

Springfield, Virginia, United States #1252178

Lol!!All the negative comments about Muslims is from the redneck trailer trash statea like

Texas and Kentucky!

Alabama!! You people posting negative comments are so *** retarded!!! Allah means god!!! The same one god!!!

We all have!!!

And educate yourself about halal before you start *** from the mouth!!Is the small Ignorant trailer

Trash that is always so threatened by any other race or religion!!!!

Springfield, Virginia, United States #1252172

Wow!!!Aren't you a racist piece of trailer trash!!!!

It's!!! A business!!!! They are around to make money!!! Their are billions of Muslims!

Who the *** cares about looking at your ugly ***!!! Or about your business!

With such a small mind I bet you don't make much!Uneducated loser

Florence, Kentucky, United States #1241396

I am so incredibly offended that the clientele of Costco has degraded to so many obviously Muslim customers.I am now afraid to shop there.

I've been gauked upon and followed by men both in and outside of the stores. In a predatory way. I've had samples grabbed selfishly ignoring common decency and politeness, let alone allowing a women to go first. Absolute appalling and uncivilized behavior.

To feel like you are being visually raped while pushing a cart is beyond ok!!! What has Costco, an American company in America become!?!?

Very disgusted!Likely a former customer unless they turn this around!

Florence, Kentucky, United States #1241387

Just recently at the Costco in Cincinnati Ohio I was absolutely visually accosted by three Muslim men.I was very uncomfortable!

I also saw that they were extremely ecstatic that they saw some kind of halal cooking grease for sale in this store.I am thinking about boycotting Costco.

to Offended Kansas City, Missouri, United States #1298142

Then watch ur ***


The Jews don't want to kill us.

Christian Citizen

It's not so much the Halal meat that i have a problem with althougth I'm not interested in purchasing it or consuming it but rather the type of clientel that it draws.While my local Costco was selling this Halal meat, I had serveral confrontations with Muslim men.

Two grabbed and stopped my cart so they could walk on front of me. Another reached around the spit guard the wrong way and snatched the sample i was reaching for. I felt very theatened and felt like i needed to bring my husband with me to shop at Costco.

However, just last week while while shopping, I didnt experience any threatening behavior towards me by muslim men.Later I realized it was because the don't carry Halal meat anymore :-)

Thank you Costco!

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